define: texture

tex-ture (teks-cher) n.
the visual and tactile quality of a surface.

Individual fashion and personal style revolve around color, quality, fabric, fit, and texture. Style creates and establishes a person’s VISUAL identity.
Fashion: you love it, hate it, or don’t care in the slightest. Whatever category you may fall under makes you YOU!!...but the fact is that most of YOU do care about your appearance, being comfortable, and feeling confident.
Texture.d offers the most relevant information, style tips, and fashion advice that is customized...and targeted to just the DFW area - OUR area! If you live in or around the Metroplex, you understand that we have every reason to look and feel comfortable in our own personal, stylish way — The DFW area is home to some of the biggest retail/fashion players in today’s industry and 100’s of small specialty boutiques full of the stylish pieces we see in every fashion magazine out there. However...we all know that to window shop and find exactly what you may be looking for by visiting multiple stores across the Metroplex, etc takes time... effort...and most of all...MONEY!!..(at times...A LOT of $$$). Texture.d will strive to be your local resource for the most current and up-to-date fashion trends, where to find them locally, and highlight various price points from local retailers—that fit within your budget...so you can spend your money on YOU!
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