new year : break some rules

With each new year that rolls around - a time comes that many people reflect, set new goals, and set out to better themselves and their lives. I love this idea. I am all for resolutions to better myself, looking inwardly and setting goals to grow, and trying new things that might add a little fun to my life.

I stumbled upon this LookBook on Shopbop.com recently - The Outlaws...and thought it was a great visual for our new year!

Break all the rules in Fashion's Most Wanted...love it!

Start off 2011 with having a little fun with your style & personal fashion - break a few of your own "rules" that you've set up for yourself over time. Break out of your box a little...

So...with all of your 2011 "to-do" lists and resolutions - add in a few to change up your style...shake up your look
a little and have fun with it!

Check out the full lookbook and style pieces here:

Happy day before NYE everyone!


NYE in style

time is ticking...2011 is almost here, folks.

BUT before you focus on your 5 million resolutions (that I hope you stick with better than I ever do)...there is the decision on what to wear on the biggest party night of the year - NYE!

whether you are going out to a big fancy party (where you will pay WAY to much for a cover charge) or you are relaxing at a friend's house...pick out an outfit that makes you feel good - that makes you feel pretty and even boosts your ego going into the new year. I mean ... isn't that what the whole "new year, new goals" mumbo jumbo is about anyway? I say - go out on a limb and have fun doing it!  Here are some fun ideas :

show some flare...with your skirt or dress.

i love the whole drapey look...like above and below!

start 2011 ahead of the fashion curve...Spring 2011 is full of stripes, bright colors, & prints.

I also found these great snaps on Shopbop below...putting together the whole look for a reasonable price!

start off the New Year with a BANG!
Here's to a fashionable, fun (and SAFE) NYE everyone! and remember...

a little somethin' somethin'


FAB fur...

over the holiday break...i threw on my first (and actually ONLY) real mink coat. my great, great Aunt Inona used to give the best gifts and this was one of them when i was about...hmmm 10 years old.
although the fabulous fur is now a little snug and 3/4 length in the sleeves...I still think i'll add it into my current wardrobe. even in dallas (yes, crazy--but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do).

fur may sound crazy - and expensive - especially in Dallas, TX...but it always looks so glamorous. call me crazy. i'm fine with it.


merriest Christmas

wishing you all the merriest Christmas!
Here's a toast to 2011 ... go big.


winter wonderland

{w mag}

this time of year makes me really wish dallas got snow.
real snow.

{w mag}

there's just something about the holidays that makes me crave : cold weather, a mug of hot chocolate, a burning fire place and mittens (not sure i've ever really worn "mittens").
I say all of this...but in all reality - i'm a huge baby when it comes to TRUE cold weather, so maybe i'll just be honest and say "i love the IDEA of winter weather".

i also love the style of winter...the cozy sweaters, winter white, wool hats, scarves, and big coats. i will be the first to admit though - when its really cold, it's hard to muster up the desire to look cute over just being warm.

i love the above photo...this model looks amazing & she is standing in the freaking snow (in ridiculously high heels).

get inspired and still stay warm...even if you're simply ONLY wishing for a real winter wonderland.

happy happy holidays.


procrastinators : gift ideas

call it "too busy" or procrastination...either way - if you have put off gift buying until the last minute (now) like I have...you might be a little stressed or just simply out of time.

i always have great intentions of "turning over a new leaf" and actually planning out my gift buying, ideas, and the attempt of trying to get it done early (or even in phases)...none of this ever happens. so...i'm at the mall with the rest of DFW - dodging & bumping into the masses of my fellow procrastinators - and once again making the promise to myself that I will "get started early next year". (doubt it)

so, here's a toast (and hopefully a little help) to all of you sitting in my boat - small gift ideas for the last minute shopper. *please note : these may not be the BEST gift ideas, due to the fact that they are easy to pull off quickly...but most people might really like one of these presents under the tree. just keep your fingers crossed and pretend that you put plenty of time and thought into this "perfect gift" for that loved one of yours.

* Relaxation in a Box (with a bow) : give a spa gift card for a massage, facial, or mani/pedi. this is something a lot of people don't splurge on but ALWAYS enjoy. Boost the package with a few smell-good bath goodies, a face mask, & nail polish.

* liquor (yes, a bottle of liquor) : if your loved one likes to sip a toddy every now & then - this is a great gift. liquor gets expensive...buy a nice bottle and top it off with a few cocktail recipes.

* subscription : purchase their top-choice magazine for 1 year and tie a bow around a recent edition. they'll remember you year-round each time it's dropped in the mailbox.

* for the foodie : make a cute little package filled with 1-2 great cookbooks, a home-made baked good (recipe included), and a few bright colored cooking utensils.

* gift cards : i know, i know - so impersonal, right? BUT - good news is - if you give cards to fun spots that they love - then it's a guaranteed success. *tie a note to the card & say why you think they'll enjoy the "splurge" for free at this destination. (i.e. sephora)  

* comfort : anyone & everyone loves a cozy set of pj's, yoga pants, or those warm heavenly socks from Brookstone.

* a bundle of beauty : a basket full of lipglosses, eyelash curler, nail polishes, & a smell-good lotion.

* give back : if your loved one has a charity or cause that is close to their heart - make a donation in their honor.

Like I said, these may be simple and easy gift ideas - but they are sure to be enjoyed. Make sure to write a hand-written note and let each person know why you appreciate & love them this holiday season.

{this was just funny to me...so why not?}


so...2 of my favorite celebrities grace the covers of this month's fashion magazines - and they both obviously look stunning in each editorial ... enjoy.

i mean...gorgeous, right?


shop it.

Lucky Magazine's January issue highlights our home sweet home in it's City Guide. shout out!

" there's no shortage of marquee labels in the Lone Star State - but it's all balanced by inspirationally independent style." lucky

i love it. the guide highlights 14 great stores from vintage to home decor...noting a few of the obvious dallas staples (Neiman Marcus & Forty Five Ten), but they also happened to name a few of my other fave spots (to window-shop only these days)...thought i'd take time to list a few of lucky's picks and throw in a few of my own suggestions.

the list. shop it.

1. Gratitude :: packed with vintage. digging is a must, but you might just find an oldie but goodie.
    {3613 Fairmount St. Dallas}

2. The Shining :: dedicated to up-and-coming jewelry & accessory designers.
    {1904 N. Henderson Ave. Dallas}

3. Sebastian's :: find fun party dresses and Jimmy Choo's...heavy pocket book required.
   {6730 Snider Plaza. Dallas}

4. Flirt :: super cute - great prices! go in on thursday and buy an entire outfit for the night for under $200. 
    {2633 McKinney Ave. Dallas}

5. Blue Jeans Bar :: any premium denim brand you could want + really nice and helpful staff.
    {6810 Snider Plaza. Dallas}

6. Uptown Country Home :: girly home furnishings with that "homey" shabby chic feel.
    {3419 Milton Ave. Dallas}

7. Stella Dallas :: pretty knick knacks, crisp colors, & Missoni pillows.
    { 4346 Lovers Lane. Dallas}

8. V.O.D. :: original, contemporary, and current pieces in a super cool space.
    { 2418 Victory Park. Dallas}

happy thursday.


rare style


"to have 'style' is quite a rare thing. it's when someone's visual senses are heightened. it's instinctively knowing how to put one's whole self - clothes, shoes, hair, make-up, nails, etc., together in harmony and having the self-confidence to do it. it has absolutely nothing to do with money."
katy england : stylist
& contributing editor for Dazed & Confused and Another magazine


oh snap.

"in just about everything I do, there is a signature of my own personal style...whether that be photographs, an outfit, or decor." Meshali Mitchell

meshali mitchell :: just as cute IN FRONT of a camera

it is rare that i get the chance to feature a dear friend...but this girl is TALENTED. Meshali Mitchell is a Dallas-based photographer that was born and raised in my homeland of AR...she is just one of those people that you connect with instantly, who puts anyone at ease...she just makes you happy.
That's even BEFORE you see her work. The final product of the photo's she captures is amazing...and then you like her EVEN more.

Check her out:

See what I mean ???

Mitchell says her photography inspiration comes from the belief that "we are always learning"...
"I try to draw inspiration from everything around me, the 'little things'." A few of these little things for her are being outdoors, following & learning from other great photographers, MUSIC, visiting antique shops to find new, cool props, and so on. She says "i always like to keep things fresh and adds a little pizazz."

Mitchell has always had a spot in her heart for the arts...and the main personal inspiration for this was her interior designer mother. Mitchell has been shooting photos and loving it since she was big enough to "snap" a camera. She finally bought her first "real" camera at age 18 with every ounce of savings she'd gathered from graduating high school. The rest has been history and her love & talent are constantly growing.

*she even snapped a few of me & made me look extra cool!

If you need photos of ANY kind...I can promise you...this is your girl! Her sweet southern charm and creative eye will leave your expectations EXCEEDED (plus some).

Give her a shout or check out more of her work:

XOXO people. over & out.




"to me, glamour is a feeling, a state of mind. feel glamorous and you shall be. in other words, glamour is something you have within, that cant be bought."
kinder aggugini, designer

really. what is glamour? I love this quote, because it SEEMS very true. However, i do believe in finding ways to make ourselves feel G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S (yeah).

a few ideas:

1. take a mental health day (or weekend). chill out. you deserve it...and that rest, relaxation, and "you" time will make you look rejuvenated (just like you'll feel).

2. get glowing, healthy skin with Vitamin C. Find a potent serum. It won't get rid of wrinkles or acne, but will definately revive skin & brighten your look.

3. get some color. a tan. over the counter self-tanner or a spray tan are healthy options during the cold weather. this is an easy way to look & feel better...especially for holiday parties with a little dress involved. (weird, but research shows a tan also makes us instantly feel thinner..who knew?)

4. Paint your nails. E-A-S-Y & quick way to feel prettier and put together.

5. Amplify winter hair simply by how you blow-dry. brush hair from each side (over the flip upside down trick)...it will add volume for holiday oomph.

6. Pay attention to those 'brows. Whether you pluck or wax - make sure your arch is right outside of your iris (colored part of the eye). Shapely brows really do make such a difference.

7. Exfoliate. Get smooth, soft & silky skin while Mr. Winter tries to make us look gross & flaky. Gently exfoliate and lather in rich body lotion post shower. (add a lotion with shimmer and get an extra bonus).

8. Drink 8+ glasses of water every.single.day. Start your day with ice cold water, with fresh lemon. It will clean out your system & jump start that hydration station. (i know..oldest trick in the book...but i still struggle with this one). Just do it.

9. Fuel. Eat plenty of antioxidants. These will make you feel good and are an "all over" helper to our skin, health, & looks.

10. (there's no #10 bc I am weird and love odd numbered lists)

greta garbo...glamour defined.


so, i came across this editorial on our Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester in Marie Claire UK...and the looks are crazy beautiful to me...ahhhh, the things that can be done with hair & makeup! PTL.


paint the town


In the current midst of a nearly colorless fashion scene...full of nudes, quiet pinks, and muted greys - one POP of color seems to be showing up EVERYWHERE. RED. (and i love this for many more reasons than the fact that I AM an AR Razorback).

A flash of bold color can do so much for any outfit. Try a bright, primary red on any level and YOU WIN...from a statement blazer to a subtle lip color. They all seem to be "in" right now...and in my opinion - all add a major "wow" factor.

Add extra drama in the smallest details of your handbag, shoes, nails, or lip color...

may this holiday season bring brightness, boldness, and bundles of cheer :)