procrastinators : gift ideas

call it "too busy" or procrastination...either way - if you have put off gift buying until the last minute (now) like I have...you might be a little stressed or just simply out of time.

i always have great intentions of "turning over a new leaf" and actually planning out my gift buying, ideas, and the attempt of trying to get it done early (or even in phases)...none of this ever happens. so...i'm at the mall with the rest of DFW - dodging & bumping into the masses of my fellow procrastinators - and once again making the promise to myself that I will "get started early next year". (doubt it)

so, here's a toast (and hopefully a little help) to all of you sitting in my boat - small gift ideas for the last minute shopper. *please note : these may not be the BEST gift ideas, due to the fact that they are easy to pull off quickly...but most people might really like one of these presents under the tree. just keep your fingers crossed and pretend that you put plenty of time and thought into this "perfect gift" for that loved one of yours.

* Relaxation in a Box (with a bow) : give a spa gift card for a massage, facial, or mani/pedi. this is something a lot of people don't splurge on but ALWAYS enjoy. Boost the package with a few smell-good bath goodies, a face mask, & nail polish.

* liquor (yes, a bottle of liquor) : if your loved one likes to sip a toddy every now & then - this is a great gift. liquor gets expensive...buy a nice bottle and top it off with a few cocktail recipes.

* subscription : purchase their top-choice magazine for 1 year and tie a bow around a recent edition. they'll remember you year-round each time it's dropped in the mailbox.

* for the foodie : make a cute little package filled with 1-2 great cookbooks, a home-made baked good (recipe included), and a few bright colored cooking utensils.

* gift cards : i know, i know - so impersonal, right? BUT - good news is - if you give cards to fun spots that they love - then it's a guaranteed success. *tie a note to the card & say why you think they'll enjoy the "splurge" for free at this destination. (i.e. sephora)  

* comfort : anyone & everyone loves a cozy set of pj's, yoga pants, or those warm heavenly socks from Brookstone.

* a bundle of beauty : a basket full of lipglosses, eyelash curler, nail polishes, & a smell-good lotion.

* give back : if your loved one has a charity or cause that is close to their heart - make a donation in their honor.

Like I said, these may be simple and easy gift ideas - but they are sure to be enjoyed. Make sure to write a hand-written note and let each person know why you appreciate & love them this holiday season.

{this was just funny to me...so why not?}

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