party pants.

i'm completely over every single pair of pants in my closet.

it's time for some new additions.

my "to get" list:
1. slouchy high-waisted cropped slacks
(*preferably in a pretty girly color)
2. wide-legged trousers
3. cropped jeans in the brightest color i can find.

have a beautiful thursday!


"A Colorful World" by Stephanie Anne

Designer Stephanie Anne is in the middle of launching her first jewelry collection for Spring/Summer.

The collection -  "A Colorful World" was described to D Magazine as "Queen Elizabeth meets Chanel"....
i love it already.

An open-house event is being held tonight at the Stephanie Anne flagship store in Dallas' Highland Park Village
from 6:30 - 8:30pm.

If you miss out, here's a list of other events to attend and check out the pretty pieces :


WORD. to your Mother. {EARTH}

Today is Earth Day.

Let me go ahead and get a disclaimer out before I celebrate this day further...
I am not the best at being eco-friendly, going green, or advocating the reduction in my carbon footprint.

shame on me.

i have been going through quite a few life experiences lately that i am just choosing to chalk up as "life giving me an opportunity to grow"... (mainly because it makes me feel better & decreases any teetering on insanity).

moving on.
i think i am going to add "try to love your planet more" to my list of areas to grow. 

it's important. and i love new goals.

mother nature...today marks the beginning of a beautiful relationship between us!  

in my excitement of this new-found love, i picked a few of my favorite planet-friendly items :

Project Alabama
community-based label - crafted locally by hand.
Check out the new Spring Collection here

John Hardy Jewelry :: "Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo"
*proceeds from every purchased piece goes towards the planting of 600,000 bamboo seedlings in Bali.

Lina Rennell Briefcase Tank
*all designs are made of native textiles and green fabrics.
find styles here

 "natural" & glamorous nail colors

trendy tee's made out of organic cotton &
recycled plastic water bottles.
* 20% of all proceeds goes to organizations working to save endangered species.

Fair-Trade Moisturizer made of only vegan ingredients.
100% of sales go to Operation Splash
(assistance in cleaning up waterways & harbors)

Have a happy Earth Day!
Save some trees.
Life's a garden. Dig it.

okay...i'm stopping with those shenanigans.




so, i fell off the blog band wagon.
please forgive me, lovely peeps!
i have been on the road and been a little chicken with my head cut off...
stopping with the excuses now, because -
i'm baaccckkkk!

in the meantime, some of my favorite blogging friends have been so sweet and featured me on their blogs
(maybe as a hint due to my stupid absense?)

check out these 2 posts - both sites you will LOVE!

Modern Eve's "Copy Cat Style"
Meshali Mitchell's Photo Feature

big thanks and hugs to these cute girls!

have a wonderful day and i pinky swear -
posts are coming your way!


color combo.

cupcakes and cashmere  is one of my favorite blogs...
and a recent post of emily's (the blogger) outfit inspired today's thought on color combo.

Try out these bright combo's for a fun, quirky look!

royal blue & crimson:

bright orange & yellow : 

neon pink & green: 
* check out other combo options at Refinery29!

Be sure to anchor these bold colors with neutrals to not go way over-kill!

Happy Friday!


The Row :: Olsen's Fall Collection

"The thing about us,"{Mary-Kate}, "is we think big. Huge."

These tiny twins have secured another success at the young age of 24.
Vogue Daily's interview with these superstars was so intriguing to me...and their luxury brand The Row (founded in 2006)  has some crazy cool pieces in the
Pre-Fall and Fall Collections.
(warning : it's super pricey)

"We grew up with adults, surrounded by a lot of women who had great style."
{Mary Kate}

"but Dualstar started when we were six. And we had a collection with Walmart at twelve, which was the upper tier of the tween market. It was before celebrity designers." {Ashley} ...
"And we were really designing it." {Mary Kate}
**Dualstar has now had retail sales of $1 billion.

As for the new Fall Collection pieces, the twins say they were "obsessed with things' being versatile and multi-optional for many women".

See what ya think!

by sarah mower
photographed by bruce weber

sweaty mess? don't even care.

is it time for a trip to the beach yet?
i want to sweat.
i want an umbrella drink.
i want a freaking tan.

i spend about 365 out of 365 days a year daydreaming about a tropical get-away.

whether you actually get a real vacation in the sunshine in the next few months or just long for the glorious days of summer...the feel-good/warm weather clothing you get to throw on is all the same.
and i love it.


Electric colors, woven fabrics, worn-in cut-off daisy duke denim, floor length hippy dresses, girly crochet, 
big hats...smaller hats...hats period.
it's all a part of warm weather fashion for 2011.

i loved the below recent editorials - showcasing some great looks for sweet summa-time.

Have a good Monday!
i think i'll turn on Bob Marley's
"Three Little Birds" to keep my little mood  going strong through the morning...


leopard & a little purse.

so, i've gotten quite a few requests to start posting more of my style/outfits.
i thought featuring my cute birthday "clutch" would be a good start.
i am not big on carrying small purses.
actually i prefer to carry large luggage as my handbag.
but i love this little Urban Expressions bag that my cousin gave me!
this brand is super cheap & so cute!

my entire ensemble is a great example of "CHEAP"....
Old Navy top, Zara leggings....

have a fun & safe weekend!
over & out.