pretty ladies of the 2011 Oscars

{Gwyneth Paltrow :: Calvin Klein Collection}

The 83rd Academy Awards brings out the biggest of bigtime glamour...and tonight's event proved that black, one-shouldered gowns are not the go-to right now.
Bright colors, loads of crystal embellishments, whimsical feathers, and distinct romantic attire filled the red carpet.
Gwyneth Paltrow gets my vote as Best Dressed.
i love her dress. her hair. i just love her.

Here are some of my other top picks of the evening.
Don't they make you wanna go back to prom all over again?
(minus the ugly corsage and chaperones...)

{Mila Kunis :: Elie Saab Couture}

{Jennifer Hudson :: Atelier Versace}

{Halle Berry :: Marchesa}

{Amy Adams :: L'Wren Scott}

{Cate Blanchett :: Givenchy Couture}

{Anne Hathaway :: vintage Valentino Haute Couture}

{*photos via glamour & huffington post}


yep, that's WHITE.

white : spring's biggest staple color.
out with all the black...the crisp & fresh new color is showing up from head to toe.
I could not be happier.
white is probably my very favorite color to wear.
{photo: justenvee.blogspot.com}
{photo: harpersbazaar.com}

with the trendy looks of tailored minimalism and romantic lingerie-inspired looks - spring's hottest color can be incorporated in whatever way you like best:
lace. crochet. draping...denim.classic shirts. elegant dresses.
whatever really goes.

{erdem S/S 2011}

{photo: runwaypics.com}

{marie claire, March 2011}

Have a fabulous weekend!


style profile :: classy elegance

this week's style profile feature spends her days making others feel beautiful...and she loves doing it.
Taylor Mitchell, 23, is one of those people who instantly lifts your spirits the second you get in her presence.
that's probably why she's a successful hair stylist in the DFW area.
BUT...there is so much more to this girl than any "learned art of flattery"...she is real, down to earth, and is going to make you feel loved and appreciated whether you like it or not.

How important is fashion/style in your life?

"Oh my goodness! Fashion is really to me.. not that the outer appearance is the only thing that matters about an individual, but it surely does play a role in being influential."

Tell us about your personality & how your style reflects this.

"I am very outgoing and personable. I never meet a stranger! Ive always been known as a leader. My style reflects my personality in the fact that, yes i do study trends - but at the same time - I stick to what looks good for Taylor...because not everything that looks good on a celebrity, looks good on me! So with that said, I lead in my own fashion way. I am a huge "girly girl"…but that doesn't mean I live in pink!"

From your personal style, what would a tip for others be?

"I never wear a TIGHT shirt with skinny jeans (unless i wear casual boots).. some are more fitted than others, but I love the way skinnies look with a loose blouse or a tank with a blazer over it… I feel like you cant go wrong. Throw on some pearls and heels, and you're set!"

Who is your "Style Icon" or favorite celebrity style?

 "This is a hard decision, because there are so many beautiful, amazing styles out there… But i love Beyonce!"

Taylor is a hair stylist by day and a worship leader at her local church by night. She thrives on showing others love & giving them hope...and it shows in every single thing she does.
You sit down in her "hair chair" and I swear you'll leave feeling prettier and have a new BFF. 1 hour flat.

What do you love about your job?

"I absolutely LOVE making people feel beautiful! Its amazing to see the way people act and look when they come in - and the shift their confidence and look when they walk out of the salon...it's night and day!"

Current hair trends that you love:

"Natural colors, whether being a brunette or blonde... very subtle and natural... a little darker at the new growth with lighter pieces on the tips of the hair is BEAUTIFUL!
Fringe is hott right now... aka bangs!  Depending on the face shape depends if you want a hard bang, or soft bang...
Big, pretty curls are also VERY in... make hair straighter at the scalp and let the ends fall into a soft curl - giving hair a natural wave effect!"

 How does a person's hair play into their overall "style"?

"Its HUGE! it makes or breaks a person! You can have the best fashion style ever, but if your hair looks horrible, it completely takes away from the whole look. The first thing people see is your hair...Having the right cut, color, style can and WILL change a whole look! Good or bad!"

Thanks, Taylor! Love you tons girl!


amped-up eyelids

{derek lam}

Want an instant "statement" piece?
Your eye make-up is a great place to start!

Pops of colorful opaque eyeliner and/or eye lids filled the runways for the upcoming season.
I constantly "try" to try new things with my make-up...but i'm never very successful. I love this look of an added splash of color...but for me-it will be a more subtle look on my lids.
what do you think??



{victoria beckham}

hope your week is fabulous!


striped & sheer


Stripes & sheer are 2 of the hottest trends for Spring/Summer. I LOVE both looks...just NOT together
(i.e. Rihanna's Grammy Dress above)

{prada Spring/Summer 2011}

{marc by marc jacobs S/S 2011}



{proenza schouler S/S 2011}


"loving YOU" bandwagon...

since i got on my inspirational soapbox & asked readers to send in reasons that they love themselves with
"Loving ME is PRETTY", i figured it was only right to take on the challenge myself.
i'm not going to lie...it's really easy to ask this type of thing from others and hope it brings encouragement...but the task is a lot more difficult than i really imagined.
i guess i proved my own point...?

i also figured i should challenge myself to listing 2 reasons, since i asked readers for 1. (at first i thought i'd give 3 but - again...this is reallly hard.)

yes, these photo's are all of me.
at first,  i went through and found the cutest, most attractive shots i could find...but then BAM. another self-check. if i'm going to challenge you all to love who you really are...i should include the not-so pretty photo's as well...and take on
self-induced embarrassment for the sake of the readers, right? awesome. case and point below.

*the above photo was shot by my childhood best friend.
in her front yard.
i sent this photo into Seventeen Magazine's Next Model Search.
i didn't win. the photo has haunted me since.

1. i guess that photo leads me to 1 thing i do love about me - the fact that i really, deep down believe in myself
(like - i BELIEVED i could become a model with this photo).
sometimes - i over estimate with this "belief".
for example: i am 5'5" and not THAT athletic.
BUT...my dream in Jr. High was to play college basketball and make it into the WNBA. seriously. this was a real, deep-within my soul dream.
i had Rebecca Lobo shoes to prove it.
i also practiced my jump shot for hours every.single.afternoon. my friends constantly told me this dream was a joke.
my friends were right. once i hit varsity--i realized that a 5'5" girly girl has to be able to dribble.
i quit basketball.
BUT...i love that i never let what others say or my "shattered dreams" get me down. i just move on...and over time, i've come to find this is a strength. what we do or do not do doesn't define us...or it doesn't define me anyway.

2. i also love that i believe the best in others.
i don't know why or how...but i just do. at times, this has been considered a weakness - because i find it hard to "stand up for myself" in conflict or take my friends side in little silly fights...but i just like everyone. and i believe that all people have good & bad qualities...i don't have the time to sit around and focus on other people's struggles, bad habits, or flaws.
i've got enough of my own.

*this photo is 3 generations - my mom (far right), her identical twin (far left), my cousin/BFF, and my grandma.

I've also gotten quite a few questions "about me" lately...and I've found through some of my favorite blogs to follow - that i personally love to know more about the person behind the posts...i will answer a few of the questions i've gotten...and then quit boring you and get back to fashion/style tomorrow. I picked some of the most fun, interesting questions...

Interesting Facts About Me:
 I am an only child, I play the piano, I can sing with my mouth closed (the National Anthem is my favorite),
i forgive easily - say you're sorry and i'm over it, i'm terrified of being buried alive, I am NOT domestic - no matter how hard I try, and I despise chicken pot pie.

my favorite things:
there are so many...and they are so random, but here it goes: having a close relationship with my family, the color red, messy hair, inside jokes, clever/quit-witted people, the stories that old people tell, writing, coconut cream pie, running, collecting quilts, MUSIC, friends that listen over giving advice, creativity, my faith, my kitty-Ruby Faye, the beach, red wine, and unconditional love....man, I could go on and on.

my weaknesses:
i'm never on time. i never remember birthdays. i am NOT a morning person. i'm terrible at keeping in touch. I over-analyze everything...and until recently - a people pleaser. learning on that one.

If I could change anything-that's not too serious-about myself:
I wish I could sing.

Hmmm...so there you have it! if you have any more questions - send them my way!

Have a great week!


"loving YOU is Pretty" WINNER...

I'm so excited to announce the winner of the "Loving YOU is PRETTY" contest...(drum roll inserted here) : 
Lauren Coudron from Colombia, MO!
She wins $100 to her favorite department store and a 1 year subscription to SELF Magazine!
Congrats Lauren and thank you to everyone for your honest, inspiring answers!

Here's what the winner had to say ... and some other great, encouraging entries:

Lauren Grace said...
I love that I hold myself accountable. Be it in faith, relationships, or studies, I love that I find strength in honesty and motivation in continuing on and never giving up. In admitting my faults and mistakes I am rewarded with the will to strive to learn from such situations and grow stronger and more confidant in who I am.
By holding myself accountable I can honestly say that I have no regrets thus far in life- and what a wonderful feeling that is!

* * * * * * * * * * *
Lacey said...
I love my passion. The emotions I feel, I feel deeply. It may be for a person, a television show, or (most of the time) a food/restaurant, but if I love it, you will know it. I can rarely think or talk about anything other than what is my current love. It can cause great pain and bring great joy...but my passion really makes me feel abundantly alive.

Dana said...
My love compliment is OPTIMISM!! I love I am capable of being optimistic in all situations. The ability to be optimistic is a tremendous coping tool for all the trials and tribulations in life. Being able to look on the bright side has helped me move forward in a positive manner through some of life’s most difficult times. Optimism keeps me focused on the good instead of drowning in the bad. I love that my optimism has not only helped me be a survivor in life but has been beneficial to others in my life. Optimism helps me cope with my present situation and have hope for the good things in my future.
“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” Helen Keller

Jen said...
Hmm, starting this process I thought it would be simple to think of one thing I really love about myself, something that doesn't include others or my surroundings, but now I'm realizing its going to take a few moments to think. I would say that one thing i love about myself is consistency and ability to stay true to myself and what I believe and love regardless of the circumstance or situation I am faced with. Being able to stay true to yourself is hard for a lot of people, but it's one thing that I never have a hard time doing, and one of my favorite qualities about myself. I love myself :)

Janet said...
I love my sense of humor. Slightly self-deprecating, often witty with a keen sense of comedic timing. Most of all, love my ability to see the humor in life even when, just sometimes, it doesn't seem funny at all. Life is meant to be lived and I bought a ticket for a comedy. Cute blog!

modern eve said...

I truly love my eyes. (Am I going to be the only person that says something physical?) My whole life I've received compliments on my cat-like green eyes. They've truly become a part of my identity (maybe that's a bad thing?) I am also a very emotional and passionate person. I've learned to use my eyes to communicate non-verbally. Sometimes that's bad, like in the case of annoyance or frustration. But sometimes it's a very good thing -- like when I'm trying to seduce my husband. =)

happiest valentine's day to all of you!

Grammy fashion?

from the moment that Lady Gaga arrived at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards in an egg (or womb -whatever you wanna call it)...it was a night of the hottest performers going out on a limb in eclectic (and some weird) ensembles.

I know...the Grammy's are more about creative expression than elegance, but some of this stuff was just crazy. I mean - hey - whatever floats your boat...but i wouldn't wear some of this stuff ... no matter how creative or risky i might be feeling. pats on the back, i guess?

Some of my favorite looks of the evening were a little more toned down...

Julianne Hough :: Malandrino gown

Selena Gomez : J. Mendel gown

Nicole Kidman : Jean-Paul Gaultier gown

B.o.B ... love him.

And my favorite performance of the night goes-hands down-to : Mumford & Sons, Avett Brothers, and Bob Dylan. I mean...a bunch of banjo's and random instruments makes me real happy.

{images via tmz.com}

What were your favorite looks & performances of the night?
Happy Valentine's Day!!


don't forget :: "Loving YOU is PRETTY"

Today is the last day to enter the
"Loving YOU is PRETTY" contest/giveaway!

For a chance to win $100 to your favorite store
AND a 1 year subscription to SELF magazine...
enter before midnight!
*see below post for all details/rules.

"we must dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be."
May Sarton, poet

"Oh, i'm so inadequate. And I love myself."
Meg Ryan


free spirit

it's no secret that i love 70's fashion.
it makes me smile, instantly lifts my mood, and makes me want to put a flower in my hair.
since i'm snowed in for the 3rd day...i've had plenty of time on my hands to browse some amazing editorials.

these 70's inspired images are 2 of my favorites:
Viktoriya Sasonkina is shown in a fun, colorful knits & flared pants

Jessica Stam looks stunning in 70's glam, full of luxe fur, subtle prints & tailored jackets

Have a lovely weekend everyone!