"loving YOU" bandwagon...

since i got on my inspirational soapbox & asked readers to send in reasons that they love themselves with
"Loving ME is PRETTY", i figured it was only right to take on the challenge myself.
i'm not going to lie...it's really easy to ask this type of thing from others and hope it brings encouragement...but the task is a lot more difficult than i really imagined.
i guess i proved my own point...?

i also figured i should challenge myself to listing 2 reasons, since i asked readers for 1. (at first i thought i'd give 3 but - again...this is reallly hard.)

yes, these photo's are all of me.
at first,  i went through and found the cutest, most attractive shots i could find...but then BAM. another self-check. if i'm going to challenge you all to love who you really are...i should include the not-so pretty photo's as well...and take on
self-induced embarrassment for the sake of the readers, right? awesome. case and point below.

*the above photo was shot by my childhood best friend.
in her front yard.
i sent this photo into Seventeen Magazine's Next Model Search.
i didn't win. the photo has haunted me since.

1. i guess that photo leads me to 1 thing i do love about me - the fact that i really, deep down believe in myself
(like - i BELIEVED i could become a model with this photo).
sometimes - i over estimate with this "belief".
for example: i am 5'5" and not THAT athletic.
BUT...my dream in Jr. High was to play college basketball and make it into the WNBA. seriously. this was a real, deep-within my soul dream.
i had Rebecca Lobo shoes to prove it.
i also practiced my jump shot for hours every.single.afternoon. my friends constantly told me this dream was a joke.
my friends were right. once i hit varsity--i realized that a 5'5" girly girl has to be able to dribble.
i quit basketball.
BUT...i love that i never let what others say or my "shattered dreams" get me down. i just move on...and over time, i've come to find this is a strength. what we do or do not do doesn't define us...or it doesn't define me anyway.

2. i also love that i believe the best in others.
i don't know why or how...but i just do. at times, this has been considered a weakness - because i find it hard to "stand up for myself" in conflict or take my friends side in little silly fights...but i just like everyone. and i believe that all people have good & bad qualities...i don't have the time to sit around and focus on other people's struggles, bad habits, or flaws.
i've got enough of my own.

*this photo is 3 generations - my mom (far right), her identical twin (far left), my cousin/BFF, and my grandma.

I've also gotten quite a few questions "about me" lately...and I've found through some of my favorite blogs to follow - that i personally love to know more about the person behind the posts...i will answer a few of the questions i've gotten...and then quit boring you and get back to fashion/style tomorrow. I picked some of the most fun, interesting questions...

Interesting Facts About Me:
 I am an only child, I play the piano, I can sing with my mouth closed (the National Anthem is my favorite),
i forgive easily - say you're sorry and i'm over it, i'm terrified of being buried alive, I am NOT domestic - no matter how hard I try, and I despise chicken pot pie.

my favorite things:
there are so many...and they are so random, but here it goes: having a close relationship with my family, the color red, messy hair, inside jokes, clever/quit-witted people, the stories that old people tell, writing, coconut cream pie, running, collecting quilts, MUSIC, friends that listen over giving advice, creativity, my faith, my kitty-Ruby Faye, the beach, red wine, and unconditional love....man, I could go on and on.

my weaknesses:
i'm never on time. i never remember birthdays. i am NOT a morning person. i'm terrible at keeping in touch. I over-analyze everything...and until recently - a people pleaser. learning on that one.

If I could change anything-that's not too serious-about myself:
I wish I could sing.

Hmmm...so there you have it! if you have any more questions - send them my way!

Have a great week!


  1. HA. Love that you got at least two of these photos from my Facebook. At least you're prettier than Rebecca Lobo.

  2. Bekah D! I love your blog!! Your adorable and I so wish we lived in the same town. I LOOOOOOVE that picture of you -Seventeen missed out. Miss you!

  3. What a good idea! This is great!

  4. Awww...great post.

    I'm a fellow Arkansas girl and so happy to run across your blog. Also your newest follower. :)

  5. thanks guys! i appreciate it so much!
    oh, and to LC and Jen...I mean, could I have even posted this and not used that photo? ugh. :)