dirty prettiness.

hey. yeah.
 i refuse to apologize for my lack of blogging...
same song, SAME verse.

blah, blah, blah.

moving on.

i'm in my homeland - Arkansas - this week (woo pig sooie)
and it's raining like mad outside.

i sort of love thunderstorms.
...for about 1.5 hours.
then i'm ready for sunshine.

this yuck weather makes me want a pair of "wellies".
(have you heard rainboots called this before?
it's new to my vocab as of .NOW.)

these pics are from the UK's Coachella - Glastonbury.

i heart music festivals, mud, and NOW - WELLIES.
(oh and alexa chung & kate moss. that's a given though)

peace out. happy tuesday!
more blog posts to follow. cross my heart.  

{photos via style.com}


MAVS : winning. game over!

{dallas morning news cover}

congrats to our Dallas Mavericks - NBA CHAMPS!

this town is nuts right now.
and i love it!

i will spare the sports coverage with you fashion lovers by summing it all up with this :

"dallas did dat" @snoopdog
{favorite tweet of the evening thus far}

have a happy (and i'm sure hung-over) monday everyone!


my style file : freestyle friday.

happy friday peeps!

{ my get up : forever21 top, james jeans,
oh & some random jewelry i've owned for at least a decade }

*disclaimer : please excuse those terrible roots.
getting my hurr done this week. eww.


i know. i know.

oh. well hey there.
have we met?
yeah...i know.
major slacking on my part lately with blogging.

but party people ...

i'm BACK.
(and i'm sorry. forgive me?)

blog post's coming your way.
unless you've forgotten i exist...

which would suck.

peace out.
have a really fun weekend!


{images via weheartit}