i'm divin' in.

it's almost Memorial Day weekend.

heck to the yes.

that means - it's almost officially Summer.
{and a 3 day weekend on the lake}

how are you celebrating?

side note(s):  if the weekend is not reason enough to celebrate - cheers to this week's pop culture :
kim k got a 20 carat engagement ring (seriously?), the Dallas Mavericks made it to the NBA Finals, cutie patootie scotty is the new american idol, oprah went out with a bang,
& the freaking "hangover 2" is out today.

back to the weekend topic.

i love lake time.
because i don't have to wear make-up or wash my hair for 3 days.
does that gross you out?

well. i don't care if it does.  

however you may be celebrating this weekend -
here are a few cute ideas to check out for your overall
"kick off the summer" look :

roxy cover-up

milly cover-up (or dress).

victoria's secret 

madewell tote

juicy couture hat

and ... i just liked this random photo below.
have a great day!

{photos : refinery29 / weheartit}


it's a wonderful life.

Erin Fetherston is already fabulous.
but ... i'm pretty sure i just also figured out :
 she lives my little dream life.

i love this Vogue Editorial, featuring her home sweet home.


i love the modern vintage girly look & feel.

i want to jump on that bed.
or just live there. period.

happy monday.


freshly disheveled.

"oh i'll just throw something on & go"

i feel this way about 6 out of 7 mornings a week.
but let's be honest - everytime i actually do this ...
i wish i'd put more time into my final look.

why can't we all achieve the "who cares" look AND still look amazing like super models or celebrities?
oh. i'm not a super model. i forget.

i love all these freshly disheveled looks .
the whole laid-back, beachy feel is big right now.
i guess i just need to actually take 3 or 4 minutes longer to  put myself together to achieve it ...

ya know ... that effortless look that actually took alot of effort?

it's the weekend!
in case you forgot... have a great one!



winner, winner - chicken dinner.

drum roll please....

folks, we have a winner for the Dara Ettinger necklace!

okay. nevermind.no more drum roll.  
because... Megan at Across the Pond
already announced the winner!

CHRISTINE DONEE is the lucky one!

Check Christine & her fab blog out - A Quiet Determination {here}
{*winner was chosen using random.org}

Big appreciation and so much love to my girl Megan ...
thank you kindly!
(i've always wanted to say that - but it wasn't nearly as fun as i'd anticipated...shoot.)

But for real - thank you, Megan -  for letting me host this little giveaway and meet all of these new
blog-writin'/readin' friends!

Thank you so much to Dara Ettinger too -
for the gorgeous necklace!
You're the best!

I am in a happy mood right now.
I wish I was the girl in the photo above
I wish I could just send these humongous balloons to all my special people...
I like balloons. until they pop.

 PS. Got a question - my post title
"winner, winner - chicken dinner" ...
yeah, where did I hear that? Is it a song or maybe something my grandma says? I'm almost positive I've never said that in my life - until i randomly typed my title.

balloon lover & chicken dinner play on words? 
i should take a nap.

Hope you all have a great day!  

{images via  ::  weheartit.com}


walk the plank.

Ahoyyy mateys.

It's no secret that stripes, crisp whites,
& that whole nautical, sailor look is big for summer.
There are so many variations of this style right now ...
all i can say about it is :

i want to be on a sailboat right this second.
(*stripes & sailor hat included)

below is my recent "stripes included" look -
although you can barely see the cute shirt in this pic!

happy hump day!
(isn't that what pirates say? wtf.)



Goodmorning lovlies!

I'm so excited to announce a giveaway this week with my beautiful friend Megan over at Across the Pond ...
because it's from one of my fave jewelry designers -
Dara Ettinger!(and because i just love Megan. who doesn't, right?)

"A Modern Interpretation of Nature's Finest Elements" ...
the designer makes one of a kind, glamorous pieces that are gorgeous & elegant!
I adore everything she makes, so I am thrilled to give away this beautiful necklace to a lucky reader!

(Check out Across the Pond's post about the giveaway here.)

Here's what ya need  to do for a chance to win:

1. Be a follower of Across The Pond Blog

For extra entries (separate comment for each one)

2. follow Texture.d's BLOG

3. give the blog or giveaway a shout out on Facebook, Twitter, or your blog and let me know what ya said!
(Twitter me @textureddallas / become my friend on FB here)

** a winner will be chosen THIS FRIDAY (13th) and announced on Textured's site!

Have a fabulous day!


my style file : easy breezy

after so many days of devastating storms &
 yucky weather last week : 
i was quick to be thankful & take time to enjoy the sunshine.

what a nice, relaxing weekend.