freshly disheveled.

"oh i'll just throw something on & go"

i feel this way about 6 out of 7 mornings a week.
but let's be honest - everytime i actually do this ...
i wish i'd put more time into my final look.

why can't we all achieve the "who cares" look AND still look amazing like super models or celebrities?
oh. i'm not a super model. i forget.

i love all these freshly disheveled looks .
the whole laid-back, beachy feel is big right now.
i guess i just need to actually take 3 or 4 minutes longer to  put myself together to achieve it ...

ya know ... that effortless look that actually took alot of effort?

it's the weekend!
in case you forgot... have a great one!



  1. i love those effortless looks! Especially the black t & shorts!
    i definitely know how you feel about attempting to achieve that look. everytime I give it a go, I either tried too hard, or didn't try hard enough. And it shows!

  2. I like the looks but they definitely aren't for all body types. Despite the trend I'll stick to wrapping my curves up in flattering and attractive rags rather than putting on some lose tops and unflattering shorts that only add another 10 pounds. haha But I have noticed this trend and I do think it can look extremely flattering on the thinner and boyshaped types. Very popular in Newport and the beach areas these days :).