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hate your legs?

me too.

thank goodness for the trend gods...because this Spring/Summer there are plenty of cute full-skirt and maxi dress options for all the ugly legs out there! (or great legs, either way)

These below the knee, 60's style skirts apparently flatter our calves and are great to hide any thigh issue!
I really like this lady-like look with a fitted top and pulled up around the waist.
Anything to flatter the legs/ankles - and i'm sold.

{Louis Vuitton}

Did I hear someone say, "i love weekends?"
Probably not - but I sure do!


"a woman's dress should be like a barbed-wire fence : serving its purpose without obstructing the view"
sophia loren


Do you think i'm TEX-Y?

In honor of Super Bowl XLV's destination - Dallas (well Arlington) TX - OPI has paid tribute with it's Spring 2011 "Texas" Collection.

I'm  not sure what's up with the "style" in the above ad, but the polish colors are awesome...and the catchy names are too.

 (side note: the stereotypes of "southern" shine bright with these polish slogans - i made myself a bet that every write-up would include "yee haw" and about 14 "y'alls" and I was beyond right...lordy lordy). 

My fave colors AND names are :

* Do You Think I'm Tex-y
* Too Pink to Hold 'Em
*Big Hair...Big Nails
*It's Totally Fort Worth It
*Y'all Come Back Ya Hear

* another side and very random note :: i cannot get the song "home on the range" out of my head after researching this topic. no clue WHY... but i'll leave you with the positive thought of our homeland
"where seldom is heard a discouraging word, and the skies are not cloudy all day".

Happy Monday!


floral gardens

With my anticipation of warmer days, I tend to get ahead of myself.
I am ready.

Spring means warmth, the beginning of a tan, patio weather, and pretty FLOWERS - in nature AND fashion.

{Dolce & Gabbana}

Spring/Summer 2011 Runways were full of inspiration from English country gardens... with items adorned in pretty roses, peonies, freesia, etc. The cheerful trend seemed to go from maxi dresses, peasant blouses & delicate skirts to bright head scarves, girly rompers, & pastel matching wedges.


Dolce and Gabbana was a major fan of the fragrant style, but most of us cannot afford a pair of flowery bubble shorts by DG. Here are a few options that are cheaper...

Take a sweet little escape from this cold wind & stop and smell the roses. Have a wonderful weekend!


Great event tomorrow! (Saturday 1.22)
If you're free - you should definately check it out!
A portion of the proceeds will benefit Texas Next Top Designer - support local talent & creativity!

*note : time event begins is 7:30pm


Style Profile : Frilly Charm

Becca Tanner, 29, is the premiere to the new section of Textured:

Style Profiles will feature real locals & their personal style preferences, tips, and stories.

Becca's Personal Style :
classy, girly, southern, & frilly

Describe how your personlity is reflected in your style :

" I'm a very outgoing and funloving person - and silly. But, I am a kindergarten teacher - so my day-to-day style choices are pretty practical.  For example, I'm not going to wear some new heels to work - I'd just end up taking them off and going barefoot! So... I try to find the cutest flats that I can.  Even though I'm very fun and silly, at work I conduct myself in a very professional way.  I believe in hard work and integrity, so I want the way I look to reflect that- so I try to dress modest and classy, with hints of 'trendy'."

 "I can ALWAYS find really great things at stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross, Target, and Forever 21.  They are still stylish, but just on sale or cheap! I am for sure a
bargain shopper!"

Beauty products you can't live without?  
"Bare Minerals Foundation, Covergirl mascara & ProActive"

Do you have any problem areas? How you dress to flatter these?
   Yes! My tummy - I layer shirs and I'm not afraid to say it - I swear by Spanks!

Becca married  her sweetie, Wade, in July 2010 and says she cherishes the simple, small town life!

You're newly married--have you influenced your hubby's fashion? 

"YES!  I pick out most of his clothes now.  I have mainly 'influenced' his jean selection. I think I've also simplified his shirts-  instead of crazy print all the time - I love him in a simple black, white or gray v-kneck T or a fitted button up."

"What is Wade's favorite "look"  to see you wear? 

"He loves my more "girly" clothes.  Clothes that have ruffles and are just very feminine.
  When I'm more casual he LOVES -  simple.  Fitted jeans and a white v-kneck T."

Thanks, Becca - for letting us into your world a little!

tom ford : back at it.

Since he left Yves Saint Laurent & Gucci in 2004, Tom Ford has not designed a womenswear line.
His return was launched for 2011 Spring/Summer...and it's amazing!

I love these photo's of some of his pieces in
W Magazine, January 2011.


MLK Day : stick with LOVE.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it."

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort & convienience, but where he stands at times of challenge & controversy."

"I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear."
{all quotes of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.}

Golden Globe Style

{photo : huffington post}

The 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards bring Film & Television's finest to the red carpet...in glamourous gowns for us all to drool over. (well some of them, at least).

Bold colors & feminine neutrals definately took the place of the classic black gown this year. Emerald green, bright red, and festive metallics seemed to be the most popular.

Here are some of my picks for Best Dressed. My favorite look was definately the elegant, long-sleeved sparkly "look" that Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway & Leighton Meester pulled off so beautifully. What were your favorites?

Angelina Jolie

Anne Hathaway
{Giorgio Armani}

Leighton Meester
{Zac Posen}

A few looks that got mixed reviews.
What do you think?

Sandra Bullock
{Jenny Packham}
love her. love her dress. don't love the new bangs.

Megan Fox
{Giorgio Armani}
i personally think she looks stunning!

Scarlett Johansson
{Elie Saab}
hmmm..i'm torn on this. the dress is beautiful but the neutral color makes her look washed-out.

Emma Stone
{Calvin Klein Collection}
i love this color! AND - her new blonde hair!

Have a fabulous week, everyone!


baby's got her blue jeans onnn.

{Mother Denim}

i love blue jeans. i know - most do, but i seriously wish that they were acceptable for all events and occasions.

Fashion-enthusiasts seem to all have those very clear memories of "their first pair of designer shoes" or the "first time their eyes caught a glimpse of a real Chanel handbag"...honestly, I have ZERO (well 1) of these types of memories. Truth is - I grew up in small-town AR and was so happy and content in my DeWitt Dragon T-shirt and Lucky Jeans. I was just not exposed to fashion, designers, or that whole trendy world that exists. (sometimes I miss that simplicity). 

So - that whole trip down my memory lane - to say - 
the only REAL "fashion" memory I have is the first time I put on a pair of premium denim. I always thought the girls that wore jeans that cost over $100 were spoiled and stupid...and all of a sudden I understood... and was jealous bc the damn jeans weren't MINE!(i borrowed them from a girl down the hall. yes - this did not happen until college. don't judge me.)

 {street style :: fashionising.com}

So...I saved my money and bought my own first pair of fancy pants.

Needless to say - i love the way denim is trending right now. I'm not a huge fan of the whole all-over denim look, but I do love that it can be incorporated into anything we wear - denim tops, jackets, skirts, shorts...etc. I also LOVE the jean styles for Spring/Summer :

Wide-legged trousers, higher waist lines, pops of red or pastels, and even 80's-looking pale denim is BIG (which for some reason reminds me of junior high and makes my heart feel happy. again-maybe it had to do with DeWitt, AR?)



Always be sure to check your REARview before leaving the driveway. Purchase jeans that really fit your body. Just because something is in style...does not mean it will look even sort of good on your shape. :)

no idea why, but i just liked this pic.



can't help it.

Sorry for the M.Kors overload...but c'mon...how can you not love the man with a quote like this (so...actually i'm not "sorry" at all) :

 " Women make a big mistake when they dress for their girlfriends. Look, if you want to wear a freaky shoe or carry a crazy handbag because you get off on it, fine. But every guy is going to look at it and go, 'What was she thinking?' That big heavy clog you think is the height of fashion?
He sees a cinder block on your foot."

Well, I mean - I guess AMEN.


sunshine take me away...

So, tonight - I ask my cousin (and best friend) what her evening plans were. Her response :
"pretending i'm on the beach somewhere".
Great evening plan. I am joining in.

These photo's from February's Harper's Bazaar UK give me that
"Calgon take me away..." feeling.

I'm over this cold, dreary mess already. Sunshine - bring it on!

{photo's} ::  
Ruby Aldridge by Norbet Schoerner for Harper's Bazaar UK Feb 2011

i love you, Mr. Kors

{marie claire}

One of my very favorite designers, Mr. Michael Kors, marks his 30th anniversary this year. I love him...and loved the recent honor paid to his design, style, and story in February's InStyle.

(I'll only list the few that are my fave - check out the rest for yourself!)

1. "The age rules are foolish. Don't dress to go with your age. Dress to go with your body. So much depends on your
self-image! I know women over 49 who love their legs and girls 29 who hate their arms. So don't let those rules dictate what you wear."

2. Stop hiding behind your clothes. The need to be the same shape as you...Not being aware of your own shape causes the biggest mistakes."

3. The minute you put on a 3/4 length or bracelet sleeves, your arms will look longer and thinner. And what woman hates her wrists?"

4. "When women look at other women who are stylish, what they always notice is the play of opposites: It's the trenchcoat over the sequined shift. What's so appealing is dressing like you didn't stress over it."


70's Revival

my favorite fashion era is making a BIG comeback in 2011 -
the 70's.
there's just something about this laid-back, free-spirited & mellow hippy style that makes me happy.

however, for the most current "look" - it's not at all sloppy - think modernized bohemian mixed with classic staples for a more pulled-together flower child.

(r to l) :: rodarte, marc by marc jacobs, elie tahari, karen walker, badgley mischka
{fashion fille}

marc jacobs


pull out vintage pieces and accessories, add some vivid color & bold prints, throw on a big, floppy hat...and turn on some Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin to get ya in the groovy mood.

girl crush :: erin wasson

erin wasson :: texas-born model & designer...graced the cover of Elle Spain for January 2011.
love her. major.