baby's got her blue jeans onnn.

{Mother Denim}

i love blue jeans. i know - most do, but i seriously wish that they were acceptable for all events and occasions.

Fashion-enthusiasts seem to all have those very clear memories of "their first pair of designer shoes" or the "first time their eyes caught a glimpse of a real Chanel handbag"...honestly, I have ZERO (well 1) of these types of memories. Truth is - I grew up in small-town AR and was so happy and content in my DeWitt Dragon T-shirt and Lucky Jeans. I was just not exposed to fashion, designers, or that whole trendy world that exists. (sometimes I miss that simplicity). 

So - that whole trip down my memory lane - to say - 
the only REAL "fashion" memory I have is the first time I put on a pair of premium denim. I always thought the girls that wore jeans that cost over $100 were spoiled and stupid...and all of a sudden I understood... and was jealous bc the damn jeans weren't MINE!(i borrowed them from a girl down the hall. yes - this did not happen until college. don't judge me.)

 {street style :: fashionising.com}

So...I saved my money and bought my own first pair of fancy pants.

Needless to say - i love the way denim is trending right now. I'm not a huge fan of the whole all-over denim look, but I do love that it can be incorporated into anything we wear - denim tops, jackets, skirts, shorts...etc. I also LOVE the jean styles for Spring/Summer :

Wide-legged trousers, higher waist lines, pops of red or pastels, and even 80's-looking pale denim is BIG (which for some reason reminds me of junior high and makes my heart feel happy. again-maybe it had to do with DeWitt, AR?)



Always be sure to check your REARview before leaving the driveway. Purchase jeans that really fit your body. Just because something is in style...does not mean it will look even sort of good on your shape. :)

no idea why, but i just liked this pic.


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