Diana Warner :: the happiest little boutique in NYC

 well guys - country has entered the big city. 
i am in NYC for the month of July...
which i'm sure will bring you much entertainment, 
weird stories, and great fashion posts.
(ummm...well if i am a good girl & take time to actually blog.)

i get to hang out with one of my favorite fellow southern belles while i'm here in the city :
the ubber talented & too much fun - Diana Warner
Diana & I met a few years ago and i not only adore her jewelry designs - but l.o.v.e her! 
DW NYC just opened her flagship boutique 
on 42 E. 21st Street (near Park Ave South) -

she calls it "the happiest little boutique in NYC" ...

well i'm going to add a few adjectives to that tagline : 
"the happiest, most precious & cutest little boutique in NYC"!
we southerners love our "warm & fuzzy" words, I guess...

but for real - if you're in the city - drop by & check it out! 


and...i'm out. 
here's to the happiest little friday to you 
...from the happiest little boutique in NYC!


"No Trespassing" with artist Kevin Lewis Fougerousse

i love the chance to brag on people that i love.

is hands-down one of the most talented, creative, and inspiring people i've ever met.

His artwork proves this ... every.single.piece.

LUCKY YOU - if you're local to Dallas -
his work is currently on display at :
(*there will be an official Opening Reception this Saturday, July 9th - and you should G-O ...more details at end of post) 

The style of Kevin's work falls into the category of
neo-expressionism ... and many of his pieces portray an intimate view into his personal journey through life -
pieces of work that scream from his soul and act as his
personal & vivid confessional.

However, his most recent pieces - being showcased at
The Cameron Gallery -
turn a corner away from such depth and heart-felt inspiration...

 These pieces seem to  portray the side of Kevin that - those that know him personally - love so much ... 
reflecting his fun, light-hearted free spirit.

"i wanted to break the monotony of my work. i am just having a little fun. Honestly - most of these pieces have no serious meaning behind them. On alot of them - I closed my eyes & just painted - and I painted a few left-handed."
says Fougerousse

{ "winthrop" 11x14 mixed media }

After finding his love and raw talent in the world of art 17 years ago,  he has consistently chased his passion with conviction. He says his first true intrigue with art came from his classic favorite - Vincent Van Gogh.

"Van Gogh was the first artist I remember inspiring me. I loved how he used color & texture...after I painted my first painting - I discovered how color can truly move a person. Like a lyric in music."

I've known Kevin for over 9 years...
and have had the amazing opportunity to watch him evolve
into one of the most compelling artists and inspiring people ever.
(maybe i'm biased, but i bet you'd agree) 

I asked ol' Kev a few questions about his art, his personal fashion/style and other random things.

here are a few things the artist had to say:

Sum up your journey as an artist?
"if there was a different way to look at life, i've always searched for it."

How do you gather inspiration for your work?
"I gather inspiration from every source of my personal experiences. i portray my passions, hurts, loss...a word or a song can inspire me. I see about 80% of a piece in my mind and the rest just comes as i'm painting."  

Biggest Pet Peeve?

Something you hate that comes along with being an artist?
"I really hate the question: 'Can you tell me what this means?' when it comes to my work...if i wanted you to know clearly - i'd write a Nicholas Sparks novel, with a happy ever after ending. Art is meant to be interpreted by each individual. Did Adam and Eve ask God 'What does this dirt mean?' "
{he's so random - and i love it}

{ "king" :: 53x84 oil mixed media }

{ "mr. liberty" :: 16x20 mixed media }

Describe your personal style/fashion :
"i don't really know. i just wear it. sometimes i dress like Grizzly Adams and other times Dr. Seuss...hmmm...i like european style - and a style collage of old stuff mixed with new. most of my clothes have paint on them."

There you have it...
go check out his talent.
 and maybe buy yourself some art.

The Cameron Gallery will host a little opening shin-dig called: 
"No Trespassing"  
to showcase Fougerousse
(along with artists Hal Samples & Jonathon Kimbrell)
this Saturday - July 9 - from 6 - 9pm.

{ gallery located at 1414 Dragon Street : Dallas : 75207 }

Check out more of Kevin's work @ http://www.klfstudios.com/
or Facebook - here
The Cameron Gallery : http://www.thecamerongallery.com/

Hope everyone's having a great week!