Diana Warner :: the happiest little boutique in NYC

 well guys - country has entered the big city. 
i am in NYC for the month of July...
which i'm sure will bring you much entertainment, 
weird stories, and great fashion posts.
(ummm...well if i am a good girl & take time to actually blog.)

i get to hang out with one of my favorite fellow southern belles while i'm here in the city :
the ubber talented & too much fun - Diana Warner
Diana & I met a few years ago and i not only adore her jewelry designs - but l.o.v.e her! 
DW NYC just opened her flagship boutique 
on 42 E. 21st Street (near Park Ave South) -

she calls it "the happiest little boutique in NYC" ...

well i'm going to add a few adjectives to that tagline : 
"the happiest, most precious & cutest little boutique in NYC"!
we southerners love our "warm & fuzzy" words, I guess...

but for real - if you're in the city - drop by & check it out! 


and...i'm out. 
here's to the happiest little friday to you 
...from the happiest little boutique in NYC!


  1. Kathryn of the blog sweetteaandchampagne.com works at Diana Warner in NYC! It looks like such a fun store, I definitely want to go someday!
    Have a blast on your trip! :)

  2. hi sweet lisa! I met Kat - she's super cute & sweet! hope you are wonderful! XO