pass the pumpkin pie, please

actually, please pass the turkey, stuffing, green beans, and every other fixin' too....i love Thanksgiving.

Fashion is a bit of a battle over the holidays... as we stuff our face & lounge around with the people we love. Finding styles that work to travel easily, look put together, and feel comfortable BUT also allow you to feast on all the yummy goodness in peace...so what should you pack??

Great options include :: your favorite jeans with a cardigan or cozy sweater, leggings with a tunic, or a fall dress. oh...and comfy shoes are a must! get inspired with these looks...and indulge a little...

laugh, eat, drink, and relax a little...safe travels everyone!


these boots are made for walkin...

walkin'. runnin'. sittin'. or just lookin' cute...BOOTS look good with just about anything.
here are some great options for $300 or LESS !

steve madden :: cuffed & comfy

nine west :: military ankle lady
{ nordstrom }

calvin klein :: sophisticated & sexy
{ dillards }

trove :: cuffed "bootie"licious
{ nordstrom }

banana republic :: classy woman

vince camuto :: kickin it & takin names
{ dillards }

steve madden :: laced up & ready to go

dolce vita :: CUTE pull-on comfort
{ nordstrom }

happy monday y'all! 

2010 AMA's...be still my heart.

{ photo from zap2it.com }

I love music. Every single genre...if it's good, i download it. So, obviously I look forward to things like the AMA's...sitting back with the girls, watching artists go out of their way to be OVER the TOP, discuss the confusion that takes place when you see someone like will.i.am wearing lego's as a hat, & acting like a giddy school girl when NKOTB joins BSB for a finale! Ahhh....
I did love (almost) everything about the AMA's, but I could NOT get over 1 thing - freaking Taylor Swift. I mean--did she go from age 14 to 35 in 2 seconds or what? Her perfectly straight hair was stunning...and where did her normal teary-eyed, innocent teenager speech go?...she seemed AND looked like a real adult (does it maybe have to do with hottie Jake Gyllenhaal??)

Here were some of the other highlights for me ...

{ photo from zap2it.com }

Stana Katic's dress topped my list. I want it. (but I'd want to look identical to her in it)

Have a wonderful week full of thanks...and yummy grub! 



it's almost that time...
the MOST wonderful time of the year!

anthropologie holiday
j.crew holiday

H&M (coming SOON to dfw!!)

Parties, family functions, holiday weddings, NYE...and the list goes ON & ON. Whether fancy events or get-togethers with your kin are coming up on your calendar...you wanna look your best! (i hope). Here are some ideas for this very merry season :

Casually Chic 
dinner party or exchanging gifts with the girlfriends?

Banana Republic :: black velvet & a blazer. Add color with a pretty top.

j.crew :: sleek black skinny with black accents. throw on statement jewelry & shine!

gap holiday

Stunningly Simple
don't want a ton of fuss or the worry of trying too hard to look trendy? perfect for work parties.

work party pretty! i love pencil skirts with a bright colored top.

add textured tights to a LBD and you're good to go!

add BIG eye catching jewelry to any simple outfit for a holiday sparkle

put a lady-like blousy top on with your slacks & voila!
(haute hippie top)

happily ever after
add that fairy tale "feel" to your look with romantic neutrals, VELVET,  fur or feather accents, girly lace, or beaded embellishment.

haute hippie

pretty lace :: anthro

haute hippie :: my new obsession

glamour. glitz. you fancy, huh? don't be afraid of COLOR!

spice up your look with colored tights

gonna go back to my Mariah Carey & N*SYNC holiday tunes. Might even brew a cup of hot cocoa while i'm in the spirit! XOXO

bad hair day?

we all have them. for me...it's about 5 outta 7. here are some ideas to help you brush off that bad hair day mood for fall/winter :

braid your bun

loose side pony

messy braid :: to the back or side

high bun #1

high bun #2

straight up ponytail (minus the crimping iron)

loose low bun - my all-time "go to"

cover that mess up with a menswear style hat

or a slouchy knit or wool option...

throw some baby powder on that head of yours and you're all set!