2010 AMA's...be still my heart.

{ photo from zap2it.com }

I love music. Every single genre...if it's good, i download it. So, obviously I look forward to things like the AMA's...sitting back with the girls, watching artists go out of their way to be OVER the TOP, discuss the confusion that takes place when you see someone like will.i.am wearing lego's as a hat, & acting like a giddy school girl when NKOTB joins BSB for a finale! Ahhh....
I did love (almost) everything about the AMA's, but I could NOT get over 1 thing - freaking Taylor Swift. I mean--did she go from age 14 to 35 in 2 seconds or what? Her perfectly straight hair was stunning...and where did her normal teary-eyed, innocent teenager speech go?...she seemed AND looked like a real adult (does it maybe have to do with hottie Jake Gyllenhaal??)

Here were some of the other highlights for me ...

{ photo from zap2it.com }

Stana Katic's dress topped my list. I want it. (but I'd want to look identical to her in it)

Have a wonderful week full of thanks...and yummy grub! 

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