Do you think i'm TEX-Y?

In honor of Super Bowl XLV's destination - Dallas (well Arlington) TX - OPI has paid tribute with it's Spring 2011 "Texas" Collection.

I'm  not sure what's up with the "style" in the above ad, but the polish colors are awesome...and the catchy names are too.

 (side note: the stereotypes of "southern" shine bright with these polish slogans - i made myself a bet that every write-up would include "yee haw" and about 14 "y'alls" and I was beyond right...lordy lordy). 

My fave colors AND names are :

* Do You Think I'm Tex-y
* Too Pink to Hold 'Em
*Big Hair...Big Nails
*It's Totally Fort Worth It
*Y'all Come Back Ya Hear

* another side and very random note :: i cannot get the song "home on the range" out of my head after researching this topic. no clue WHY... but i'll leave you with the positive thought of our homeland
"where seldom is heard a discouraging word, and the skies are not cloudy all day".

Happy Monday!


  1. Haha! This is great. Can't wait to try them!
    Also, love your blog makeover! It was already amazing and now it's even better! :)

  2. hi lisa! thank you so much! love your blog too btw :)