Style Profile : Frilly Charm

Becca Tanner, 29, is the premiere to the new section of Textured:

Style Profiles will feature real locals & their personal style preferences, tips, and stories.

Becca's Personal Style :
classy, girly, southern, & frilly

Describe how your personlity is reflected in your style :

" I'm a very outgoing and funloving person - and silly. But, I am a kindergarten teacher - so my day-to-day style choices are pretty practical.  For example, I'm not going to wear some new heels to work - I'd just end up taking them off and going barefoot! So... I try to find the cutest flats that I can.  Even though I'm very fun and silly, at work I conduct myself in a very professional way.  I believe in hard work and integrity, so I want the way I look to reflect that- so I try to dress modest and classy, with hints of 'trendy'."

 "I can ALWAYS find really great things at stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross, Target, and Forever 21.  They are still stylish, but just on sale or cheap! I am for sure a
bargain shopper!"

Beauty products you can't live without?  
"Bare Minerals Foundation, Covergirl mascara & ProActive"

Do you have any problem areas? How you dress to flatter these?
   Yes! My tummy - I layer shirs and I'm not afraid to say it - I swear by Spanks!

Becca married  her sweetie, Wade, in July 2010 and says she cherishes the simple, small town life!

You're newly married--have you influenced your hubby's fashion? 

"YES!  I pick out most of his clothes now.  I have mainly 'influenced' his jean selection. I think I've also simplified his shirts-  instead of crazy print all the time - I love him in a simple black, white or gray v-kneck T or a fitted button up."

"What is Wade's favorite "look"  to see you wear? 

"He loves my more "girly" clothes.  Clothes that have ruffles and are just very feminine.
  When I'm more casual he LOVES -  simple.  Fitted jeans and a white v-kneck T."

Thanks, Becca - for letting us into your world a little!

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