"loving YOU is Pretty" WINNER...

I'm so excited to announce the winner of the "Loving YOU is PRETTY" contest...(drum roll inserted here) : 
Lauren Coudron from Colombia, MO!
She wins $100 to her favorite department store and a 1 year subscription to SELF Magazine!
Congrats Lauren and thank you to everyone for your honest, inspiring answers!

Here's what the winner had to say ... and some other great, encouraging entries:

Lauren Grace said...
I love that I hold myself accountable. Be it in faith, relationships, or studies, I love that I find strength in honesty and motivation in continuing on and never giving up. In admitting my faults and mistakes I am rewarded with the will to strive to learn from such situations and grow stronger and more confidant in who I am.
By holding myself accountable I can honestly say that I have no regrets thus far in life- and what a wonderful feeling that is!

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Lacey said...
I love my passion. The emotions I feel, I feel deeply. It may be for a person, a television show, or (most of the time) a food/restaurant, but if I love it, you will know it. I can rarely think or talk about anything other than what is my current love. It can cause great pain and bring great joy...but my passion really makes me feel abundantly alive.

Dana said...
My love compliment is OPTIMISM!! I love I am capable of being optimistic in all situations. The ability to be optimistic is a tremendous coping tool for all the trials and tribulations in life. Being able to look on the bright side has helped me move forward in a positive manner through some of life’s most difficult times. Optimism keeps me focused on the good instead of drowning in the bad. I love that my optimism has not only helped me be a survivor in life but has been beneficial to others in my life. Optimism helps me cope with my present situation and have hope for the good things in my future.
“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” Helen Keller

Jen said...
Hmm, starting this process I thought it would be simple to think of one thing I really love about myself, something that doesn't include others or my surroundings, but now I'm realizing its going to take a few moments to think. I would say that one thing i love about myself is consistency and ability to stay true to myself and what I believe and love regardless of the circumstance or situation I am faced with. Being able to stay true to yourself is hard for a lot of people, but it's one thing that I never have a hard time doing, and one of my favorite qualities about myself. I love myself :)

Janet said...
I love my sense of humor. Slightly self-deprecating, often witty with a keen sense of comedic timing. Most of all, love my ability to see the humor in life even when, just sometimes, it doesn't seem funny at all. Life is meant to be lived and I bought a ticket for a comedy. Cute blog!

modern eve said...

I truly love my eyes. (Am I going to be the only person that says something physical?) My whole life I've received compliments on my cat-like green eyes. They've truly become a part of my identity (maybe that's a bad thing?) I am also a very emotional and passionate person. I've learned to use my eyes to communicate non-verbally. Sometimes that's bad, like in the case of annoyance or frustration. But sometimes it's a very good thing -- like when I'm trying to seduce my husband. =)

happiest valentine's day to all of you!


  1. Congratulations, Lauren!!!
    What a great way, Textured, to make people examine their inner feelings for themselves. We all need to discover that inner love. Thanks!!!

  2. Well deserved... beautiful words