Grammy fashion?

from the moment that Lady Gaga arrived at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards in an egg (or womb -whatever you wanna call it)...it was a night of the hottest performers going out on a limb in eclectic (and some weird) ensembles.

I know...the Grammy's are more about creative expression than elegance, but some of this stuff was just crazy. I mean - hey - whatever floats your boat...but i wouldn't wear some of this stuff ... no matter how creative or risky i might be feeling. pats on the back, i guess?

Some of my favorite looks of the evening were a little more toned down...

Julianne Hough :: Malandrino gown

Selena Gomez : J. Mendel gown

Nicole Kidman : Jean-Paul Gaultier gown

B.o.B ... love him.

And my favorite performance of the night goes-hands down-to : Mumford & Sons, Avett Brothers, and Bob Dylan. I mean...a bunch of banjo's and random instruments makes me real happy.

{images via tmz.com}

What were your favorite looks & performances of the night?
Happy Valentine's Day!!

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