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this week's style profile feature spends her days making others feel beautiful...and she loves doing it.
Taylor Mitchell, 23, is one of those people who instantly lifts your spirits the second you get in her presence.
that's probably why she's a successful hair stylist in the DFW area.
BUT...there is so much more to this girl than any "learned art of flattery"...she is real, down to earth, and is going to make you feel loved and appreciated whether you like it or not.

How important is fashion/style in your life?

"Oh my goodness! Fashion is really to me.. not that the outer appearance is the only thing that matters about an individual, but it surely does play a role in being influential."

Tell us about your personality & how your style reflects this.

"I am very outgoing and personable. I never meet a stranger! Ive always been known as a leader. My style reflects my personality in the fact that, yes i do study trends - but at the same time - I stick to what looks good for Taylor...because not everything that looks good on a celebrity, looks good on me! So with that said, I lead in my own fashion way. I am a huge "girly girl"…but that doesn't mean I live in pink!"

From your personal style, what would a tip for others be?

"I never wear a TIGHT shirt with skinny jeans (unless i wear casual boots).. some are more fitted than others, but I love the way skinnies look with a loose blouse or a tank with a blazer over it… I feel like you cant go wrong. Throw on some pearls and heels, and you're set!"

Who is your "Style Icon" or favorite celebrity style?

 "This is a hard decision, because there are so many beautiful, amazing styles out there… But i love Beyonce!"

Taylor is a hair stylist by day and a worship leader at her local church by night. She thrives on showing others love & giving them hope...and it shows in every single thing she does.
You sit down in her "hair chair" and I swear you'll leave feeling prettier and have a new BFF. 1 hour flat.

What do you love about your job?

"I absolutely LOVE making people feel beautiful! Its amazing to see the way people act and look when they come in - and the shift their confidence and look when they walk out of the salon...it's night and day!"

Current hair trends that you love:

"Natural colors, whether being a brunette or blonde... very subtle and natural... a little darker at the new growth with lighter pieces on the tips of the hair is BEAUTIFUL!
Fringe is hott right now... aka bangs!  Depending on the face shape depends if you want a hard bang, or soft bang...
Big, pretty curls are also VERY in... make hair straighter at the scalp and let the ends fall into a soft curl - giving hair a natural wave effect!"

 How does a person's hair play into their overall "style"?

"Its HUGE! it makes or breaks a person! You can have the best fashion style ever, but if your hair looks horrible, it completely takes away from the whole look. The first thing people see is your hair...Having the right cut, color, style can and WILL change a whole look! Good or bad!"

Thanks, Taylor! Love you tons girl!

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  1. I LOVE me some Taylor!
    She is such a fashionista!!!