WORD. to your Mother. {EARTH}

Today is Earth Day.

Let me go ahead and get a disclaimer out before I celebrate this day further...
I am not the best at being eco-friendly, going green, or advocating the reduction in my carbon footprint.

shame on me.

i have been going through quite a few life experiences lately that i am just choosing to chalk up as "life giving me an opportunity to grow"... (mainly because it makes me feel better & decreases any teetering on insanity).

moving on.
i think i am going to add "try to love your planet more" to my list of areas to grow. 

it's important. and i love new goals.

mother nature...today marks the beginning of a beautiful relationship between us!  

in my excitement of this new-found love, i picked a few of my favorite planet-friendly items :

Project Alabama
community-based label - crafted locally by hand.
Check out the new Spring Collection here

John Hardy Jewelry :: "Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo"
*proceeds from every purchased piece goes towards the planting of 600,000 bamboo seedlings in Bali.

Lina Rennell Briefcase Tank
*all designs are made of native textiles and green fabrics.
find styles here

 "natural" & glamorous nail colors

trendy tee's made out of organic cotton &
recycled plastic water bottles.
* 20% of all proceeds goes to organizations working to save endangered species.

Fair-Trade Moisturizer made of only vegan ingredients.
100% of sales go to Operation Splash
(assistance in cleaning up waterways & harbors)

Have a happy Earth Day!
Save some trees.
Life's a garden. Dig it.

okay...i'm stopping with those shenanigans.


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