sweaty mess? don't even care.

is it time for a trip to the beach yet?
i want to sweat.
i want an umbrella drink.
i want a freaking tan.

i spend about 365 out of 365 days a year daydreaming about a tropical get-away.

whether you actually get a real vacation in the sunshine in the next few months or just long for the glorious days of summer...the feel-good/warm weather clothing you get to throw on is all the same.
and i love it.


Electric colors, woven fabrics, worn-in cut-off daisy duke denim, floor length hippy dresses, girly crochet, 
big hats...smaller hats...hats period.
it's all a part of warm weather fashion for 2011.

i loved the below recent editorials - showcasing some great looks for sweet summa-time.

Have a good Monday!
i think i'll turn on Bob Marley's
"Three Little Birds" to keep my little mood  going strong through the morning...

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  1. OH I can't wait for the summer and the trips for the beach either! Great picks!