winter wonderland

{w mag}

this time of year makes me really wish dallas got snow.
real snow.

{w mag}

there's just something about the holidays that makes me crave : cold weather, a mug of hot chocolate, a burning fire place and mittens (not sure i've ever really worn "mittens").
I say all of this...but in all reality - i'm a huge baby when it comes to TRUE cold weather, so maybe i'll just be honest and say "i love the IDEA of winter weather".

i also love the style of winter...the cozy sweaters, winter white, wool hats, scarves, and big coats. i will be the first to admit though - when its really cold, it's hard to muster up the desire to look cute over just being warm.

i love the above photo...this model looks amazing & she is standing in the freaking snow (in ridiculously high heels).

get inspired and still stay warm...even if you're simply ONLY wishing for a real winter wonderland.

happy happy holidays.

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