new year : break some rules

With each new year that rolls around - a time comes that many people reflect, set new goals, and set out to better themselves and their lives. I love this idea. I am all for resolutions to better myself, looking inwardly and setting goals to grow, and trying new things that might add a little fun to my life.

I stumbled upon this LookBook on Shopbop.com recently - The Outlaws...and thought it was a great visual for our new year!

Break all the rules in Fashion's Most Wanted...love it!

Start off 2011 with having a little fun with your style & personal fashion - break a few of your own "rules" that you've set up for yourself over time. Break out of your box a little...

So...with all of your 2011 "to-do" lists and resolutions - add in a few to change up your style...shake up your look
a little and have fun with it!

Check out the full lookbook and style pieces here:

Happy day before NYE everyone!

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