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Lucky Magazine's January issue highlights our home sweet home in it's City Guide. shout out!

" there's no shortage of marquee labels in the Lone Star State - but it's all balanced by inspirationally independent style." lucky

i love it. the guide highlights 14 great stores from vintage to home decor...noting a few of the obvious dallas staples (Neiman Marcus & Forty Five Ten), but they also happened to name a few of my other fave spots (to window-shop only these days)...thought i'd take time to list a few of lucky's picks and throw in a few of my own suggestions.

the list. shop it.

1. Gratitude :: packed with vintage. digging is a must, but you might just find an oldie but goodie.
    {3613 Fairmount St. Dallas}

2. The Shining :: dedicated to up-and-coming jewelry & accessory designers.
    {1904 N. Henderson Ave. Dallas}

3. Sebastian's :: find fun party dresses and Jimmy Choo's...heavy pocket book required.
   {6730 Snider Plaza. Dallas}

4. Flirt :: super cute - great prices! go in on thursday and buy an entire outfit for the night for under $200. 
    {2633 McKinney Ave. Dallas}

5. Blue Jeans Bar :: any premium denim brand you could want + really nice and helpful staff.
    {6810 Snider Plaza. Dallas}

6. Uptown Country Home :: girly home furnishings with that "homey" shabby chic feel.
    {3419 Milton Ave. Dallas}

7. Stella Dallas :: pretty knick knacks, crisp colors, & Missoni pillows.
    { 4346 Lovers Lane. Dallas}

8. V.O.D. :: original, contemporary, and current pieces in a super cool space.
    { 2418 Victory Park. Dallas}

happy thursday.

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