"to me, glamour is a feeling, a state of mind. feel glamorous and you shall be. in other words, glamour is something you have within, that cant be bought."
kinder aggugini, designer

really. what is glamour? I love this quote, because it SEEMS very true. However, i do believe in finding ways to make ourselves feel G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S (yeah).

a few ideas:

1. take a mental health day (or weekend). chill out. you deserve it...and that rest, relaxation, and "you" time will make you look rejuvenated (just like you'll feel).

2. get glowing, healthy skin with Vitamin C. Find a potent serum. It won't get rid of wrinkles or acne, but will definately revive skin & brighten your look.

3. get some color. a tan. over the counter self-tanner or a spray tan are healthy options during the cold weather. this is an easy way to look & feel better...especially for holiday parties with a little dress involved. (weird, but research shows a tan also makes us instantly feel thinner..who knew?)

4. Paint your nails. E-A-S-Y & quick way to feel prettier and put together.

5. Amplify winter hair simply by how you blow-dry. brush hair from each side (over the flip upside down trick)...it will add volume for holiday oomph.

6. Pay attention to those 'brows. Whether you pluck or wax - make sure your arch is right outside of your iris (colored part of the eye). Shapely brows really do make such a difference.

7. Exfoliate. Get smooth, soft & silky skin while Mr. Winter tries to make us look gross & flaky. Gently exfoliate and lather in rich body lotion post shower. (add a lotion with shimmer and get an extra bonus).

8. Drink 8+ glasses of water every.single.day. Start your day with ice cold water, with fresh lemon. It will clean out your system & jump start that hydration station. (i know..oldest trick in the book...but i still struggle with this one). Just do it.

9. Fuel. Eat plenty of antioxidants. These will make you feel good and are an "all over" helper to our skin, health, & looks.

10. (there's no #10 bc I am weird and love odd numbered lists)

greta garbo...glamour defined.

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  1. Loved this list! We all need a reminder every now and then! Thanks!