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"in just about everything I do, there is a signature of my own personal style...whether that be photographs, an outfit, or decor." Meshali Mitchell

meshali mitchell :: just as cute IN FRONT of a camera

it is rare that i get the chance to feature a dear friend...but this girl is TALENTED. Meshali Mitchell is a Dallas-based photographer that was born and raised in my homeland of AR...she is just one of those people that you connect with instantly, who puts anyone at ease...she just makes you happy.
That's even BEFORE you see her work. The final product of the photo's she captures is amazing...and then you like her EVEN more.

Check her out:

See what I mean ???

Mitchell says her photography inspiration comes from the belief that "we are always learning"...
"I try to draw inspiration from everything around me, the 'little things'." A few of these little things for her are being outdoors, following & learning from other great photographers, MUSIC, visiting antique shops to find new, cool props, and so on. She says "i always like to keep things fresh and adds a little pizazz."

Mitchell has always had a spot in her heart for the arts...and the main personal inspiration for this was her interior designer mother. Mitchell has been shooting photos and loving it since she was big enough to "snap" a camera. She finally bought her first "real" camera at age 18 with every ounce of savings she'd gathered from graduating high school. The rest has been history and her love & talent are constantly growing.

*she even snapped a few of me & made me look extra cool!

If you need photos of ANY kind...I can promise you...this is your girl! Her sweet southern charm and creative eye will leave your expectations EXCEEDED (plus some).

Give her a shout or check out more of her work:

XOXO people. over & out.


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