i heart it

the whole "i heart you" or "i <3 it" phenomenon is actually something i heart. i mean, hearts seem to be taking over ...

the cute, little sweatshirt above (that I would NEVER actually wear) led me to write a list of things

 I  <3 right now:

#1. Subtle Nails : any of my friends can testify to the fact that I am NOT the "nail girl". However, I do love these shades for Fall.
(Shown : OPI Over the Taupe & Fiji Wiji Fawn)

#2. Vintage Prettiness : i am obsessed with anything with character or a "story behind it". I cherish the jewelry that has been given to me from older family members, so something about any piece of jewelry, furniture, etc that has meaning or just LOOKS like it does strikes a soft spot in my heart. Mix vintage or heirloom pieces with fashion jewelry any day or night!

#3. Girly Rockstar : i am girly, but totally a wannabe rockstar. So, I am loving the whole pretty look with an edge. Lauren Conrad seems to have it down. Floral dress with a leather jacket. love x infinity.

#4. Big ol' MAN watches : no back story here. I just love them on women. Rose gold is making a huge debut right now, so I'm in heaven. Huge PINK watch - on my Christmas list.

#5. 2 Toned 4 eyes : sunglasses are my weakness. I can have a negative bank account and a sales person can convince me ANY day that I HAVE TO HAVE a new pair...you know...because they fit my face so well and all. I love this 2 toned look right now. Also on the Christmas list. (Santa, i hope you're reading this blog)

shown : juicy couture

#6. Over-the-knee Boots : i'll be honest. I was a hater not a lover of these at first. like most women--they give me a "but, do I look trashy??" feel. However, the more I see them - the more they grow on me. I am still searching for the perfect pair.

photo from whowhatwear

So, there's my little list of loves for now. Oh wait, I forgot a few that are completely 100% irrelevant to this blog but who cares, right? 
I also dearly heart :  cheeto puffs, polaroid pictures, messy hair, old quilts, kittens (or any small animal really), hip hop music, the smell of lavender, reading, writing & arithmetic (minus arithmetic). Have a wonderful night! XOXO 

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