define : YOUR personal style.

i can't. you probably can't either.

when it comes to an individual's style, it all remains up to his or her own tweaked definition. style is defined in not only the clothes we wear, but how we feel in them, how we accessorize them, and the attitude that is portrayed every single time an outfit is chosen. i flip through the pages of every fashion magazine imaginable - every time a new issue is out. i have my own fashion icons, styles i'd love to try, and inspiration in finding my own REAL personal style. who have you looked to as a fashion icon? there are way too many out there to even name...

Every woman deals with that dreaded question of "what will i wear today?". What you wore today does not define an actual individual style. Some of you may not want to fit into a "type" or box, but figuring out what works for you, defining that, and sticking to it seem to be important to anybody who cares...even just in the slightest bit. 

Here are some key questions on taking a
"SELF STYLE" inventory:
(ask & answer honestly)

1. what is my current style? (if you HAD to define this)
2. what type of style/trends am i drawn to right now?
3. what do i wish i could wear, but haven't tried?
4. what do i feel MOST comfortable wearing?
5. what colors, silhouettes, & types of clothing do i feel the absolute BEST when wearing?
6. see question #5 but ask - what have i received compliments  when wearing?
7. who is my style icon? (if you could look/dress just like someone - who is it?)
8. what do i want my style to portray to others?
9. what are my best assets?
10. what parts of my body do i hate and hope no one ever sees?
11. what are your current "go to" wardrobe staples?

Once you've answered, take a look at your wardrobe. Pull out the 5-10 key pieces that you love to wear, that you feel are versatile, and that feel your best in. Now..start mixing and matching. Pull various "outfits" to be worn with each. Think of ways that your staple items can be worn to achieve various looks. My first piece of advice is obviously - use what you have RIGHT NOW first.

Styling tips (that I think are super important - for whatever that is worth) :

1. Stick to what works :: revolve your style around pieces that you actually wear & that make you feel really really hott (or pretty or professional - you insert appropriate word there).

2. Honesty is the best policy :: find a friend that will be honest & tell you what looks good and flatters YOUR body. As much as you might hate their advice...just do it.

3. Spend money on your lifestyle :: spend the most money on pieces that you will wear often. Consider your lifestyle - over the latest trend. you will thank me when the credit card bill gets dropped in your mailbox.

4. Play up your assets :: find pieces that compliment & show off what you want to show off. and vice versa - wear things that hide areas that you feel insecure showing off.

5. Underwear = Miracle Worker :: spend money & invest on proper under garments. Don't wear a hott little new dress with big ol' panty lines. Get a bra that fits and makes you look 21 (or 16, whatever you're looking to achieve).

6.  Buy the RIGHT size :: who cares what that tag says.  i know, i know..it sucks to go up 2 sizes in your dream skinny jeans - but the truth is - you're gonna look way better in the 2 sizes bigger pair that actually fits. Cut yourself some slack - all brands size very differently. Don't let it get you down (and just cut the tag out the second you get home).

7. Be YOU :: the best style advice is to be who you are and rock it...then figure out the clothing/styles that work with that. (this should have been #1 I guess).

Close your computer. Go straight to your closet. XOXO

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