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feeling frumpy after the holidays? i know i ate way too much...the stomach bug took care of it & was the culprit of my blog-lacking (both highly unfortunate).

yeah, yeah...i know there are all these "stay fit through the holidays" or "don't wait until the New Year to get in shape" plans out there...but bottom line is that most of us (or maybe just me) love to eat, drink, and enjoy the holidays...yes, being discipline should be attempted, but here's one easy trick to looking better, polished and faking "fit" this holiday season!

Find a tailor and become their BFF.

I did not learn this trick until the past few years...yes, it may be a hassle to get clothing altered, cost a few bucks, or take an extra 15 minutes...but believe me--it's WORTH IT.

        :: tips for looking tailored ::

*  get 1 pair of jeans hemmed perfectly for heels and 1 for flats.
*  if you find a dress, skirt, or slacks that you love but they don't fit perfectly...make that happen and buy the item-just get it altered to fit your body.
*  if you wear a blowsy top or loose pants - pair it with the opposite on the other end--a fitted alternate to polish the look.
*  buy a fitted or tapered jacket - instant "slimmer" to the confidence. plus ya look good.
* wear heels...if you can. they just look better. heels elogate your legs, make you appear taller, and for whatever reason - make us all walk with that "shoulders back" attitude way more than flats do.
* belt it. whatever it is. add a skinny or wide belt to any sweater, dress, cardigan. Great accessory that defines curves.
* remember : a streamlined silhoutte is always more flattering than "tight". wear clothing that skims your body - and don't put yourself into misery with jeans that you have to lay down to zip.

There are plenty of great tailoring/altering locations in DFW. Here are just a few :

1. Unique Tailor :: 5638 E. Mockingbird Lane
2. Harry's Tailor Shop :: 13410 Preston Rd.
3. Park Cities Custom Tailors :: 4351 Lovers Lane
4. Image Tailor :: 2160 N. Coit Rd #143. Richardson.
5. Golden Thimble :: 4536 Beltline Rd. Addison.

Get tailored AND drink the eggnog. XOXO

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