Style Profile : the funny guy.

In lieu of the weekend ahead and the horrendous weather outside, I thought this particular "Style Profile" would lighten your spirits. Like I've said - I love getting real people's opinions, outlooks, and preferences when it comes to personal style.

I am a big believer that style should reflect personality ...
and today's feature is a great example
(and it's a dude, which is a first!)

Meet my buddy, Nick Hall...

Nick, 27, graduated from Northern Illinois University & played Minor League Baseball for 4 years (Padres & Phillies)...so to enter the "desk job" world may just be his worst nightmare.
(mine too - if that matters).

Nick started a website - That's Yummy Bro -  in 2007 as an outlet for his boredom and to help out all the other bored people out there. With off-the-wall movie reviews to YouTube Tuesdays & Throwback Thursdays - the only goal & purpose of
is simply :
"to give those bored people out there something to laugh at and help time pass!"

The guy cracks me up.
like... barreled over, tummy hurting - cracking up style. He gives an interesting guy's perspective on fashion/style and definitely answered my little interview questions candidly! (you'll see what i mean.
these are 100% his answers. my comments in pink.)

How do you view personal style?
Fashion for guys like myself is a very similar to Canada - even though its there - I don't really care about it.

How do guys (like yourself) view a girl's style/fashion?
Now a girl's fashion is a whole different story. I could tell you everything about a girl's outfit that gets my gears going. For example - UGG Boots are the shiznit, scarfs when its not even cold out is so friggin sexy, and a girl in yoga pants would be my first wish if I ever met a genie.
*hmm...i'll leave my style preferences out. but, i gotta go get some cute yoga pants with a bold statement like this involving a genie.

Trends you do not get at all?
I don't get big huge hoop earrings. I mean are you Queen Latifah? You gonna have a dog jump through those? Girls, just go with the little normal earrings please.
*totally disagree. i love huge hoops AND Queen Latifah. Go head gUrl.

Celebrity crush?
Erin Andrews. Although Im 6'5'' - she's a little too tall for me, but I can let it slide just this once. Girl has body karate!
*does anyone else wish we had the definition for 'body karate'?

Ideal date?

My ideal date would be to pick her up from her place. Go to a Japanese steakhouse - eat some steak and shrimp while the Japanese dude puts on a show with his spatulas and then head over to Redbox. Watch a movie and try to get to third base.
just kidding - but seriously after dinner, I'd love to go to a NBA game. That would be a good date.
*love the fact that he used the word "spatulas". just saying.

There you have it. And ladies...he says he's "kinda single". I hope his "kinda GF" doesn't read this blog. If so, I'm very sorry Kinda GF.

Happy FRIDAY!!

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