throw back thursday.

"sooo i'm takin' it back to the old school, cause i'm an old fool, who's so cool"
Tag Team

I made a roadtrip this week & somehow landed on my "throw back" music playlist. the memories flooded.
i was born in 1983 & i must say - i actually love the whole "fashion coming back" thing, although it makes me feel old to see something i sported in jr. high or high school back at it.

however...i thought of a few trends that i really can do without ever wearing again. just my opinion.  

those crazy colorful wind suits.
comfy: yes. cute: no.

the jeans. gross.me.out.
thank you lord for more flattering styles & premium denim.
(why do i remember donna looking so much cooler than this?)

9 million butterfly clips in the hair.
i personally LOVED this "look" & thought i was ahead of fashion-time. wrong.

yes, this is catherine zeta-jones & sienna miller.
so what. i still hate scrunchies.

the HUGE technology.
no wonder so many have back & shoulder problems.
it's from carrying those boom boxes around on their shoulder.

*note : this is me putting embarrassing material out into the world wide web of myself (and my childhood best friend)...
but, really? i think we were trying to be models.
that career didn't work out.

growing up, i deeply resented my parents for banning MTV in our house (reason: "they played rock music"). but i thought i'd close this post with a quote from the very first Drag Queen that i was ever exposed to (while secretly watching MTV):

"You better work. Work it girl."
Ru Paul


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  1. Scrunchies really need to die, I agree it doesn't matter WHO is wearing them!