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Happy Friday everyone!
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Hey guys ! ( I am a west coast girl so we say Hey guys)

I am a former LA fashion industry girl that transplanted myself (and my husband..its a package deal) in London for a year.

I lived, breathed, and worked in the LA fashion industry since I was fourteen years old.
quite literally birthed into the industry by my television writing father.
I came out of the womb with my pouty face on.

oh look, it's my pouty face in action. photo by oz wroe

When the realization occurred to me that I would be in London for London Fashion Week I gasped and did a little yelp of excitement. I MUST be there, or I will have failed the fashion Gods. They do exist you know...in the form of Anna Wintour, Robbie Myers, and Glenda Bailey.


Just kidding.

they own fashion.

and the world.


So I caught some London Fashion week vibe.
and it was.oh.so.good.

And it was not just the designers who represented.
it was the common folk dressed to the 9’s giving street style a whole new name.

It was a fashion explosion of all of the hottest trends: fur, leather, big hats, 9 inch heels, platforms, wedges, leopard, socks with heels, maxi skirts, ankle boots, large scarves, knits, top buns, capes, etc etc...but no mini skirts here people. to the knee, or high waisted dominated the micro mini. 
probably because it is freaking freezing in england. 

Colors were subdued and people stuck to more muted tones with maybe a splash of color.

London fashion is pristine. 
you cant go wrong if you have the confidence to pull it off. 
whether you are polished or “thrown together”
(both involving countless hours of work and planning, lets be honest) 
in London anything goes.

Unless you are going to Burberry’s show.

then black goes.only.

Fashion is global.
It transcends cultural boundaries.
It crosses ponds. 
I mean, sure, I am not going to venture out in london in sandals and a flowy dress like I would in LA (some people can, but I cry when I'm cold) 
but if it were sunny and warm here...
you bet your booty people would be rocking a little number like this:
Alexander Wang

Speaking of Alexander Wang...

oh..here we are together..no big deal..he is my fashion hero..whatever.

Now throw out your micro mini and stop wearing tights at pants.

standards people.


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