these adjectives seem to be floating around the fashion world for many of of fall's key looks. this makes me a really happy girl.

i.e. : did you see the Oct.Vogue shoot of Carey Mulligan? Alot of people said these were no good--but i totally disagree. totally. she looks stunning. how can you NOT think these shots are be-a-utiful?

well, in my opinion - for whatever it's worth - these photo's capture a beautiful girl's femininity. you all may not have that "girly girl" inside of your heart and you may have never played dress up "like a princess" constantly like I did, but there are still so many amazing pieces out there right now that are great for just about anyone. grab yourself a glass of pink champagne, put on Cyndi Lauper, and go get yourself a pretty shirt, floral skirt, or something pink (or as it's called right now in fashion: "rose"). Let's hear it for the girls, right? XOXO

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