prom queen

Sequins, glitz, & shimmer are not being saved for the Prom or a fancy event nowadays. Fall 2010 Fashion is going insane over bling. Ahhh...thank you sweet Jesus.

Most girls have that little girl inside of them...the one that loves to play "dress up". I have gone overboard with this mentality since I made my debut in this life...like overboard as in: daily practicing my "Miss America" wave and perfecting my "thanks" to the judges after being awarded the crown, demanding that my parents enter me in beauty pageants, and dreaming of the day I would become THE Prom Queen (my high school did not even elect a queen, so that dream was shot).

Southern ladies are known around the world for their flare & glamour (and charm, of course). This is not only something that should be accepted with pride, but something that fashion is helping us out with right now! Lucky us!

This season, designers are going overboard too. Add something shiny, embellished, beaded or velvet to your wardrobe. If you want a more subtle solution to this look :: throw a dramatic top under a blazer with denim, invest in a pair of glamorous heels or a crazy, embellished handbag. What's your favorite way to wear the bling? XOXO

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