colors galore.

i want some colored jeans.
the problem is - i want every, single color.
i love all of the bright denim for Spring/Summer!
mix up your wardrobe and have a little fun with all these options!

choices... choices...

*i know, these aren't "technically" considered a color.
but, white will always be a color to me.

{j brand}
Okay...these either. but i love the style.
ugh. i get distracted from the subject of my posts....oops.

red jeans may just top my list. actually they do. 100%.

love you all!
have a wonderful week!


  1. Love love love colored jeans! Especially the Mint and purpley (easter egg colors) ones and I'm going to need those red jeans. right now. in my closet! So. Presh.

  2. Oooooh... Colored jeans!! I like the red. I'd like baby blue.