:: Stylish Blogger Award ::

This week has started off on the right track...in so many ways...and to go along with my happy attitude, I'm so excited to have recieved the Stylish Blogger Award from my sweet friend, Lisa Olsen over at http://something-pretty.net/! Something Pretty is a must-read. Lisa is so cute and does a wonderful job with her fun blog!

For this award, I'm supposed to list "7 fun facts" about myself and then pass this award onto another blogger. I'll admit...this type of blogging is much more difficult for me than covering current trends, but here it goes :)
1. my very favorite thing in the world is traveling.
Above is in Aspen, CO...one of my favorite places ever. I've always said that my dream job would be to travel to random places, live within the culture, and write about it. If you hear of an opening for National Geographic, let me know.

2. I had the honor of meeting one of my VERY favorite men - the great, Johnny Cash - before he passed. I looked everywhere for the actual photo of Mr. Cash & I (if I find I'll post later). We were in Jamaica on a family vacation - he quietly walked in & sat down to watch what the locals said was one of his favorite Reggae Bands.
Love him so much. No problem Mon!

3. I grew up in a town with less than 3500 people. Most of my friends high schools were larger than this.
Get this - it was in Arkansas, but the nearest Wal*Mart was still 30 minutes away. I actually loved small-town life. The biggest gossip topics were who killed a deer that morning or who the town cop stopped each morning before school.
This is the honest truth (and may be the truth for only myself)...but what I looked forward to year-round was the Arkansas County Fair. To this day, the smell of funnel cakes or the sight of carnival ride makes me so happy. The biggest part of our County Fair was the Demolition Derby. Yes-I'm going redneck on you now...but this was the hottest ticket in town. Just old cars...driving around in the mud, smashing into each other, until the last man's stick is broken.
Now THAT is what I call a GREAT time!

4. I accidentally adopted a 25 lb Maine Coon.
Meet Ruby Faye. You see, I have this problem with wanting to save any cute little animal in trouble and Miss Ruby had no home, so she is now my kitty. I love her. I had no idea I'd have Garfield on my hands (or medium sized dog).
She loves shopping too (i.e. the photo above)

5. I was a child beauty pageant contestant. Actually, I was in beauty pageants until I went to college (it sounds better just saying "child"). My mother "says" that she SWORE she'd never let me enter one of these, but I would not take no for an answer and demanded to be in the pageant. The rest was history. I loved it and thought I was just the coolest kid ever. I can say-for all of those pageant-haters out there-I can answer any interview question you ask me in 2 seconds flat, speak in front of a crowd and never skip a beat, AND do that model hip-pop turn-with a bikini, heels, and some ugly scarf they'd give you to wave around as a prop. (what I'm saying is--I did gain some positives for life outta these little things :)

6. I spent my college summers working at Kanakuk Kamps, in Branson MO. This is a Christian Sports Camp that is dear to my heart and I loved my time there. I may be writing about fashion now and a huge priss on most levels, but there was something I loved about spending time in the middle of nowhere, forgetting about make-up, raking leaves and sweating like you've NEVER sweated before, and hanging out with teenage girls also trying to get away from the hustle/bustle of life. (parts I don't miss: going on a weeklong camping trip with no shower and brushing my teeth from my Nalgene bottle & eskimo rolls from a kayak. forget. about. it.)

7. Running is my therapy.
I used to run a lot more, but that's quickly changing around here! Above is part of my DeWitt Dragonette Track Team. I ran the Mile Relay, 2 Mile Relay, 800 M, 1600 M, and 100 yd hurdles.
I've also run 4 Half Marathons. My goal is to run 1 race every year...until I can't do it anymore. Hopefully my 5th Half will motivate me to train for a Full. We'll see.
It might be the only thing that brings me sanity.

There ya have it. Not sure how "fun" those facts were, but I tried!
Onto the next one...the next Style Blogger Award.
 Have a wonderful night!


  1. love the shout out to kanakuk, dear! i havent seen or talked to you SINCE kamp, i think, which is long long ago.. but so glad i stumbled upon your blog! its great. totally deserving of the stylish blog award. :-)

  2. So happy to see your post!! The Kanakuk shout out made me smile...who would ever guess that girls who spent summers sweating in athletic clothes would end up writing style and fashion blogs? Gotta love it :) Hope you're having a great day!

  3. my dream job is to travel around the world.. and photograph it. I think we should do this together. We'd make an awesome team, just sayin.