under my umbrella. (ella.ella.ay.ay.ay.)

"well, the way i see it - if you want a rainbow - you gotta put up with the rain."
dolly parton

where the H did this dreary weather come from??
it can go back to wherever that place might be.
i'm not a fan of the drizzles.
... c'est la vie.

on days like today, i wish i had a cute rain jacket.
i don't.
 i only have a bright yellow Northface jacket...that makes me look like a chubby man or Big Bird.(you choose) 
i guess a piece like this really is considered an "essential". it can be worn year-round.
that's the excuse i'm going with anyway....

{Banana Republic Madras trench}

{Target :: Merona water repellent trench}

{Banana Republic Nylon Ruffle}

{Fred Flare Plaid Natasha trench}

I mean, you can go all out too--and throw on some legit Rain Boots with your cute coat. If the Olsen's look good doing it, I guess we can all try, right?
Some of my fave options:

{just an Olsen. looking chic in some Hunter Rain Boots}

{Steve Madden Tsunami's}

{dav English Rain Boot}

{dav English Riding Style Rain Boot}

Thought it was only appropriate (and typical) to end on a cheesy note and supply you with a video.
Glee always brightens my spirits!
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Cute blog! I took the Banana ruffled jacket and styled an outfit around it on my blog.

  2. Thanks! Loved your post!! Isn't that jacket so cute?!