winner, winner - chicken dinner.

drum roll please....

folks, we have a winner for the Dara Ettinger necklace!

okay. nevermind.no more drum roll.  
because... Megan at Across the Pond
already announced the winner!

CHRISTINE DONEE is the lucky one!

Check Christine & her fab blog out - A Quiet Determination {here}
{*winner was chosen using random.org}

Big appreciation and so much love to my girl Megan ...
thank you kindly!
(i've always wanted to say that - but it wasn't nearly as fun as i'd anticipated...shoot.)

But for real - thank you, Megan -  for letting me host this little giveaway and meet all of these new
blog-writin'/readin' friends!

Thank you so much to Dara Ettinger too -
for the gorgeous necklace!
You're the best!

I am in a happy mood right now.
I wish I was the girl in the photo above
I wish I could just send these humongous balloons to all my special people...
I like balloons. until they pop.

 PS. Got a question - my post title
"winner, winner - chicken dinner" ...
yeah, where did I hear that? Is it a song or maybe something my grandma says? I'm almost positive I've never said that in my life - until i randomly typed my title.

balloon lover & chicken dinner play on words? 
i should take a nap.

Hope you all have a great day!  

{images via  ::  weheartit.com}


    Hope you L O V E your new necklace !!

    The Team at DARA ETTINGER
    214 Hicks Street . Brooklyn . NY 11201

  2. holla! Thank you my beautiful friend!! xxx

  3. hahaha. I am writing and replying to blog posts and comments under the influence of no sleep as well. I sound like a woman under the influence of illegal narcotics or something. I be silllayyyyyy... haha