i am lame. end of story.

once upon a time ...
i was a blogger.

as of lately -- yeah, not so much.
SHOOT. {i'm sorry x infinity?}
I've missed y'all!

i've been swamped with work &
I spent the month of July in the big ol' NYC.
i've traveled to the concrete jungle many times...
but it was so different & wonderful to be there
for an extended period of time.

country girl has officially fallen in love with the big apple.

enjoy a few pics i took ...
as my super lame "virtual apology via eye candy".

 { love her } 

 { love her too ... good friends make life grand. } 

McQueen Exhibit at the MET :: UH-MAZING.

 { young. love. } 

"One hand in the air for the big city.
Street lights, big dreams all looking pretty."

side note : so - an actual, real-life blog post will be up STAT.
maybe it will even cover fashion ... who knows.

have the loveliest tuesday!


  1. I will accept your virtual apology, since it looks really good :)

  2. well, thank you so much for your sweetness! :)